Christmas in the Underworld – Demons from Frostgrave

Frostgrave, where to start? Well, A while ago, one of my pals, Phil, pointed out Frostgrave to me. Now loving Necromunda, and missing the opportunity for Mordheim through lack of people to game with, I loved it on sight. Literally. Six months later I have loads of stuff for it and have yet to play a game. The miniatures themselves I think are quite characterful, not exceptional casts (they’re pretty much all metal with the exception of the cultists and the soldiers), but characterful nonetheless. As I often try to do with small miniature projects, I have started giving them a reasonable, but quick and easy paint job.

Below is my latest efforts, the imp and minor demon from North Star, which I picked up from the Dice Bag Lady.

Prior to the start of this post, both had been undercoated black (airbrushed), given a coat of Vajello Flat Red, and washed with Citadel’s Druchi Violet. From then on, it was simple to get them finished.

First thing to do, give the skin another coat of Vajello Flat Red. I tried to keep the red to the raised areas of muscle, giving more than one coat where necessary so that the muscles on the top of the model were lighter.

Both still very basic paint jobs. Next up, I used Vajello Flat Earth to paint the minor demon’s loin cloth and leg hair. It might not be a loin cloth, just hairy cobblers. Once dry, I gave them a wash of Vajello Brown Shade. It’s not my favourite shade colour, as it always seems weak and watery, BUT, I want to finish it off. I added about three washes of the stuff over the course of this post, so the recesses may start to stand out more as it goes on.

I mixed a little Flat Red with some Flat Earth, and then painted the leathery part of the wings on the imp. It doesn’t show too well in my exceptionally over exposed pictures, but it makes enough difference to make them stand out against the normal flesh.
Vajello Black and White were used next. Black for the horns and hooves (or toenails), and white for the eyes and teeth. 

  This is the point I could have gone wild with highlights and details, BUT, that’s not what the Frostgrave monsters are for me. Like Dungeon Saga and Dreadball, I’ll hammer through them so they look decent on the table, but without taking me months to finish.

Instead of going to town on them, I decided on basing them, using tufts of grass, super-glued (Rocket Max or Rocket Rapid – either are super… super-glue…) to the base, then added some sprinklings of gold glitter, and some plastic gems. Frostgrave is all about the treasure, and so there’s bits dotted around on most miniatures.
Once they’re all dry, it was just a case of PVAing around the rest of the base, and pouring on the Woodland Scenics soft flake snow. It looks great once in place, and I’ve had the same tub of it for about five years. I’ve based a Space Wolf (no mocking Mike…)battle company with it, and still have about 3/4 of a tub left. While the snowy base may make them look a little out of place in a Pathfinder dungeon, they can still be used no bother, just try to ignore them from the feet down. 😉 And that, is my quick and easy painting of a Demon and imp.