Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii Part 3

Back in February I posted the first two parts of a painting blog for my Skitarii. I was trying to get them ready for a doubles tournament and my local Games Workshop, so I decided that, rather than posted more blogs as to their progress, I should probably concentrate on getting them as close to finished as possible.

Now the dust has settled, I can talk you through where I got up to.

The next stage was finishing the white cloaks, which was done using Citadel White Scar. In order to get a smooth coat I thinned this down with Lahmian Medium, which gives a much smoother coat than thinning with water.

After that I airbrushed some Citadel Khorne Red stripes on the vehicles. I forgot to get a close up photo of this, but you can see it in the following images. I simply used some masking tape to make the lines.

The barrels of the galvanic rifles were painted in Rhinox Hide and washed with Agrax Earthshade. The guide I was using suggested an edge highlight with Skrag Brown, but this was too much of a contrast, so I drybrushed it instead.

The only other two colours painted are the bronze, which is a basecoat of Screaming Bell, which has so far only been washed with Agrax Earthshade. Also, the blue on the weapons which is Caledor Sky. I can’t remember whether I used a wash or not, but it would have been the Citadel blue shade.

As you can see, the bases were also painted for the tournament. Normally I would do them last, but I couldn’t bring myself to play games without a based army.

This was done with Agrellan Earth, which is essentially a crackle medium with brown pigment. Make sure that you cover it liberally to get visual cracks. Thin coats will not show up. It’s also important to paint a base colour underneath it as the cracks are transparent. I didn’t do that here as I’m ultimately going to add a wash to it, and tufts of grass.

Check back soon for an update.