Genestealer Cults – Part 1 – Neophytes

When I first started playing 40K, many, many moons ago, Genestealer Cults were a thing, and my pal John had one. We scratch-built two limos, and had the minis from Space Hulk, Genestealer and a load of the metal miniatures. When the Genestealer Cults were announced last year, I was a little ‘Meh’ because I have too many armies, and didn’t need another. So, as a man with little to no willpower (it’d be about 37-40 in Pathfinder), within a month or two I’d purchased Overkill and started to put the miniatures together.

The miniatures from Overkill itself are brilliant, and it’s a testament to Games Workshop when the boxed game miniatures are so good. I wasn’t too keen on the colours they’d used, so I’ve gone for my own, slight, variations.

First up – (GW – Games Workshop, VJ – Vallejo)

Undercoated black (brushed on sadly, I wasn’t able to break out the airbrush in good time before I wanted to start painting them)

Base coats

  • Clothing is Averland Sunset (GW),
  • Armour is Rakarth Flesh (GW),
  • Skin is Dark Flesh (VJ).

On the picture below, the Dark Flesh has been washed with Druchii Violet (GW) already…

Next I’ve washed the armour with Umber Shade (VJ). I love the Vallejo shades because they dry matt.

A picture of the paints just so you can see them. They’re sat on top of my wet palette.The next one shows the Sepia Shade (VJ) wash over his yellow clothing. If you think they’re blurred, or that the miniature has changed, it probably is and it probably has. I took the pictures as I was bulk painting all the Neophytes

What? You don’t know what Sepia Shade (VJ) looks like? Lucky for you, I got a picture of that too.

Next it was onto the clothing again, picking out most of the them with Averland Sunset (GW) again, leaving the Sepia Shade (VJ) in the recesses. 

With the clothing yellowed a little, I moved onto the skin. Now these miniatures are ace, and have SO much detail. so you can really go to town on them if you want. Using Medium Flesh (VJ), I went over all the raised areas. There’s no real reason why I’m not using dark flesh again here, I think I picked up the wrong paint and just cracked on.Medium Flesh (VJ) for your viewing pleasure.

Adding a little bit of White (VJ) to the Medium Flesh, I then picked out some of the highlights on the head.
Adding another dose of white to lighten up the previous mix, I then highlighted smaller areas on the bits I’d previously highlighted.

Part two of this guide can be found here.

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