Genestealer Cults – Part 2 – Neophytes

The final part for the Neophytes is pretty straight forward, although I’ve failed to take pictures of the paints. I can remember them though, so despair not, you will know by the end. If you’ve not looked at part one yet, you can find it here.
So this is where we were up to. Handsome fellow with his autogun looks pretty mellow, but too much undercoat showing, so, onto the rest.

With a final highlight of Light Flesh (VJ) on some of the extreme points of the face, I moved on to the rifle, using Chrome (VJ) Model Air. It’s such a good metal effect, that I use it for pretty much everything metal. I also Chromed the wrinkly tube on the armour, the buckles on his boots, and any metal loops on the model. I used Xereus Purple (GW) on the cloths, as I wanted something to tie in with the overall colour of the ‘Stealers themselves. The brown I used for the boots and pouches was my old favourite, Flat Brown (VJ).

The base you can see has been Chromed, and also I’ve used Dark Sea Grey (VJ) to do the flat bits of the base. The bases are the Sector Imperialis 25mm and 40mm.

With the base colours in place, I’ve given a Black Shade (VJ) wash to the boots and chrome.

For the hybrids with Genestealer armoured carapace on their arms, or with a bonus arm, claws or massive bulbous heads, I did a slightly different method on the skin. You can see the difference in the later pics, but it was basically starting with Medium Flesh (VJ) with a bit of Xereus Purple (GW) added, so that their skin is a little darker, and a little purpler.

As the basic footslogging troops of the army, I didn’t want to go too OTT with them, as I expect I’ll need to paint a whole lot more in the future, and didn’t want to set myself up having to paint them all to a really high standard. I’ve left them pretty much as they are below, although they have pupils.
The Genestealer icons were painted with Brass (VJ), and all the tubes were painted with Intermediate Green (VJ) . The bases, once painted with Chrome(VJ), Deep Sea Grey (VJ) I washed different parts with Biel-Tan Green Shade (GW), Sepia Shade (VJ) and Burnt Umber Shade (VJ).


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