Genestealer Cults – Part 3 – Aberrants

Aberrants! Bless em, meant to be a decent hybrid, ended up a bit like Sloth from the Goonies but with extra arms. And pick axes. And hammers. Anyway, they’re part of the Deathwatch: Overkill game, and like all the rest, they’re really good miniatures. With the four miniatures being push fit, it looks as though they’d be two clones of the same aberrant, but they’ve been made so that you can have either weapon/arms with either torso. Well played GW – this makes for four different miniatures to field.

I’ve been trying to keep the paint jobs quick and easy for my stealers so far. Being a fairly low points cost army, I don’t want to spend hours on each model then realise I have another hundred to paint – see Ork Mountain which remains mainly undercoated, but with small patches of well painted greenskins.

The first two colours were Xereus Purple (GW) on the Genestealer flesh, and Medium Flesh (VJ) on the humanoid parts. My plan was to do some rough blending/layering to make the flesh of the human sections merge with the flesh of the stealer sections. I then added a wash of Sepia Shade (VJ) to the Medium Flesh, and a Druchii Violet (GW) wash to the purple. Druchii Violet is such a good wash/shade. I use it on all my reds and purples, and sometimes blues. I find it’s as versatile as Sepia Shade (VJ) or Black Shade (VJ).

From here I started to build up the layers on the two kinds of flesh. For the human skin, I painted on another layer of Medium Flesh, then added a little Light Flesh (VJ) and painted up a slightly smaller layer, then did the same again, but with more light flesh. Finally, I did a few small highlights of pure Light Flesh. On the small lumps (that look like boils or something) I put a top of Light Flesh on each, and also on the scars on their back.

Next I did the same with the Xereus Purple, adding a layer of it on the raised areas of the shaded purple, then increasing it’s lightness with Light Flesh, only a tiny bit each time, so that the purple had it’s highlights.

I then started trying to fade in the purple to the flesh. Now you can go to town with this so it’s smooth as anything, but as I said at the start, when there’s likely a whole heap of miniatures, the time spent on all but the special ones goes down. I did three mixes to get from the purple to the flesh, and the results are pretty decent. It’s by no means perfect, but it does the job, and looks good from more than a foot away.

I then applied Model Air Chrome (VJ) to all the metal parts on the model and gave them a wash with Black Shade. This is what I do with 90% of metal bits on any model, and it’s a quick and easy method of getting the detail to show. I threw in a few bits of Umber Shade (VJ) to muddy the hammer up, but other than that, its just Chrome and Black Shade.

Dark Blue (VJ) was applied to the stealer armour sections, and these were washed with Guilliman Blue Glaze (GW), and then Dark Blue was applied to the raised areas again.

The blue was highlighted using Flat Blue. The cloths and robes were painted using the same method as the material on the Neophytes, and you can find how I did that here and here.

The loincloths were painted with Xereus Purple, washed with Druchii Violet, then layered with Xereus Purple, with two lighter shades made by adding a small bit of White (VJ) to the mix each time.

When I’d almost finished, I mixed a little Light Flesh and spot of Flat Blue, just to put on the edge of any skin that was next to stealer armour.

Remember the Light Flesh spots on the model? Well a little addition of Red Shade (VJ) around the edge of them makes them look a little painful and inflamed, and the same was done with the scars on their back.

‘Hi mum’ – Happy Aberrants give a wave.

Claws, teeth, skulls and tongues (sounds like a Misfits song) have been done in exactly the same way as the Neophytes.
I added a bit of dirt to the bottom of the robes, and that’s just Brown Shade (VJ). It doesn’t look as distinct in the flesh, but my excellent dodgy lighting really shows it up!

If I’ve missed anything, or something isn’t clear, please just ask below and I’ll try to make less of a hash of my explanations.

Once again, thanks for reading this far.