How to paint Space Wolves part 1: Geigor Fell-Hand painted as Bran Redmaw, Wolf Lord

For about three years, I spent my time collecting Space Wolves. I liked the Vikingness of them, and the Chapter’s colours too, so, I amassed a battle company, and chose Bran Redmaw to lead it. Now prior to starting them, there wasn’t a Bran Redmaw miniature, so I’d constructed one from the plastic Space Wolf sprues, and he looked okay, but didn’t appear to be anything special.

Before I’d even fielded them, I’d decided that the plazzy miniature wouldn’t cut it, so I bought this fella from Scibor, and used him as Redmaw. He was a decent miniature, and looked fluffy enough for me, so I was happy to field him. Also, he was stood on a rock, so was a little taller than the standard marines.

Looking through the Scibor miniatures, there were a lot that I liked, and I ordered this guy, to use as Redmaw in Terminator armour, though, after five years, I’ve still never finished painting him. Also, I’d armed him quite badly, so never fielded him either.

I hadn’t used my Space Wolves for years when Games Workshop released the Burning of Prospero boxed game, and Mike bought it for the miniatures, and passed me Geigor Fell-Hand miniature. I’ve probably said before, that I love how dynamic a lot of GW’s new miniatures are, and Geigor ticked all the boxes. Now it’s just a case of painting him.

Firstly, he was Undercoated with Abaddon Black (GW), because I’m brush undercoating I watered down the black a little so that it wasn’t thick enough to obscure any detail. He was then based with Russ Grey (GW Layer), and once dried, washed with Blue Shade (VJ).

Being careful not to cover up the Blue Shade, I then reapplied Russ Grey , leaving the Blue Shade in the recesses to give it darker edges around the details.

Next I added some Fenrisian Grey (GW Layer) to the Russ Grey (on the wet palette, not in the little pot…) and went over the higher areas of the miniature with this, leaving an edge of Russ Grey and the Blue Shade. When I say the higher areas, when highlighting, I often look at the miniature from the top, and highlight the areas you can see, and the areas around them. By this I mean, if it’s hidden under the bulk of the model, it’s not getting highlighted. The underside of his glove for example, stays Russ Grey.

Adding a little more Fenrisian Grey I added this to smaller areas than the last mix to bring out the highlights.

The final highlight on the armour was with pure Fenrisian Grey and just on the extreme edges of the highlights.

Next I added Flat Red (VJ) to paint the angular rubies and the sheath for his blade, and Brass (VJ) for all the trim on his armour. I’ve also added a layer of Rakarth Flesh (GW Base) on the large skull at the top of his banner pole, and the skull and cross bones on his chest.

On the next picture, you can see where I’ve used a little bit of Druchii Purple (GW) wash on either end of the sheath – I love this purple wash, and use it whenever I can.

A few additions in the next pic. Rakarth Flesh on the scrolling on his fist and on the claws of the skin hanging from his belt. I’ve also used Chrome Model Air (VJ) on all the bits that need it and white around the Wolf’s paw on his shoulder pad. You might notice too, that I’ve painted in the armour colours on the two ruby plates on his banner pole

Red has been added to the underside of the pelt, and to the runes from his banner pole.

After getting carried away, I’ve painted up the power glove here, but will do a short tutorial on the blues and how I did it at the start of the next part of the Space Wolves tutorial. A link to it will be at the bottom of this tutorial once it’s finished.
I’ve also added the base coat to his face, which is Medium Flesh (VJ).

That’s it for now on this guy. The second part is linked here.

Any thoughts, comments and questions, please just shout out below.

Thanks for reading.