Master of signals 

Following on from the conversions that Mike and me made for the Master of Signals (here), here’s the paint scheme I’ve used for him. I’ve started this post off with the base coats done. Lupercal Green (FW) and Sons of Horus Green (FW) and Model Air Rust (VJ).

Next I started to add the black. I did a rough SoH badge on both shoulders. I wasn’t overly concerned with it being perfect, as it’ll be scuffed and washed before it’s finished, and you’ll only get a hint that it’s there. Also, I try to give a couple of good effects on the miniature to take the eye away from the bits I’ve not done particularly well.

The next picture shows the battle damage being added, with the Abaddon Black (GW) layer being sponged on.

With the black layer in place, I started on Model Air Chrome (VJ) parts. Thes include all the battle damage, the antenna, tubing, etc on the miniature. I also added the reds to the miniature, on the belt-type parts that hold the combat blade to the back pack, to a round bit on the back pack and also the helmet’s lenses.

On the pic below, you can see the start of the gem effect on part of the backpack.
I then continued to complete the lenses and the round section on the backpack.

Once the Chrome layer has all been added, the miniature had Black Shade washed over all (bar the battle damage) the chrome sections of the miniature.  His power sword has been painted with Xereus Purple (GW Layer). With each army, I try to give their blades a different colour. My Space Wolves have everything blue, Scythes of the Emperor have black blades with lightning running over them, etc. For the Sons of Horus, I use a similar technique to the Space Wolf blades, but purple, with the end result they look a little glassy.

I’ve finished off the lenses and other than a gloss varnish over them, they’re staying as is.

The base was finished in the same style as the others, Stirland Battlemire with tufts of grass and the odd piece of pavement.

The sword blade was completed by adding increasing mounts of White (VJ) to the Xereus Purple. The idea behind this is to create opposite effects on each side of the blade. On this blade, the groove down it’s middle gives the chance to have two sets of shiny bits. Unfortunately the image below doesn’t really do it justice, as to the naked eye, it looks a little smoother… maybe tht’s just my eyes, I do need them tested soon… Hah!

And that, is my Master of Signals.

Many thanks for reading, and if you have amy questions, please just ask.