There are a few quick and easy methods you can use on a miniature to make it stand out, even if the rest of the painting is nothing special.

I painted all the breachers and standard troops with a basic paint job as there are a lot of them, and I’d rather spend the limited painting time I have making the character models stand out. However, I decided to add a little detail to the meltaguns to give the squad something a little different – painting the end of the meltaguns like they had been tempered.

Tempered metal does something awesome, it becomes amazingly colourful. The bar below shows some of the colours it goes, and I try to get a basic version of this:

The picture below shows a spread out version of the effect, which uses only washes and shades. I used a sword because it’s a flat surface that shows the colours clearly.

Starting at the tip of the sword I used Vallejo Black Shade, Citadel Guilliman Blue Glaze, Citadel Druchi Violet Wash, Vallejo Red Wash, Citadel Gryphonne Sepia Wash and finally, Vallejo Black Shade.

In the above pic, I spread out the colours, and let them dry before painting the next one which is why you can see the blatant overlap. It doesn’t look anything special, in fact, I personally think the above pic is better than it looks in person.

In the picture below, its exaclty the same order of colours, but closer together:

I mixed the colours while they were still wet in the above, as it blends them and gives it a smoother look.

By using the colours and playing about with the layers, and how much you apply (after letting the washes dry, you can apply another layer to get the colour deeper, but still translucent).

The pictures below of the breachers, have the same colours, blended while wet. I added a couple of layers on top to make them stand out, but I think the end result is pretty decent.

Any thoughts, ideas or questions, please just comment below.

Thanks for reading.