For probably the first twenty years or so, I didn’t know about wet palettes and how useful they were. If I needed to use a paint, I’d flip the lid of the pot and dip the brush in. While I still do that for a few paints (like Blood for the Blood God (GW), its just not good to do for paints you use more often because they dry out in no time. Also, when I ordered one of the Flames of War paint sets, they came in bottles, which you can’t dip the brush in.

Speaking to one of my pals at the time, he recommended making a wet palette (cheers Ste!). He’s a great painter, and has a proper one, but explained the quick and easy way to make one, and here it is, in glorious technicolor.

The only things you’ll need, are, a plastic tub with a lid – like the ones you get from the chippy, or Asda/Home Bargain* (usually five for a quid or so), two pieces of kitchen towel, and a piece of baking paper/parchment and of course, some water.

*  – Mike has just pointed out, that if you’re not from the UK, you may have Asda/Home Bargain, so any big supermarket will probably sell similar.

First things first, you’ll need to fold up the kitchen towel so that it fits in the bottom of the tub, then add water to it so that it’s soaked through. Once it’s like this, you can squash the towel down so that it’s flat. It’s worth making sure that it’s flatter than below, as the ridges can create areas where the parchment doesn’t touch the towel, and any paint on that area will dry out quickly.

Wet kitchen towel in place, add the baking parchment/paper on top of it and flatten it down.

Once the paper is down, you can start using it. Add a small amount of the paint you want to use to the paper, and then crack on.

The great thing about this wet palette is that it costs next to nothing to make, and allows you to save on paint, keep paint mixes liquid, and leave them overnight to continue using the next day. Certain paints separate quicker than others, and I’ve found that metallic paints are the worst for this, Vallejo Chrome separates in under an hour, but, if you just put a small amount down, you’ll use it before that happens. Also, you can just stir it back together with your brush.

Any thoughts or comments, please leave them below, and thanks for reading.