April Hobby Challenge – Roboute Guilliman

Every month on The Brush & Boltgun we will be having a hobby challenge. It’s a great way to give yourself an incentive to get some hobby done, be it modelling, converting, or painting, and it’s also a great way to showcase your work.

Starting on the 1st of each month, Rob and I will embark on a fresh hobby challenge. This may vary from a single miniature to a squad, or a tank. It may even be a bit of scenery, or a particular hobby project that we’ve both been putting of for a while. We will endeavour to do something comparative, so that you can see the end results and decide which tips you want to use, and which you want to ignore.

Each week we will be sharing an update on the hobby project, and at the end of the month we will put them to a public vote so that you can vote for your favourite and get involved in the challenge.

Rather than setting weekly goals – you will find that people approach a hobby project in very different ways, so that setting a particular structure may hamper some more than others – we will post updates about how we are approaching the project, and where we are up to.

This month, April, the hobby challenge will be Citadel’s Roboute Guilliman model!


March saw the return of the Ultramarines primarch to the Imperium in the 41st millennium. Initially I was skeptical, but the return of the primarch follows a very intriguing narrative, and Games Workshop have handled he reintroduction well. If you haven’t yet read it, then I suggest you do.

The most fascinating aspect is how much the Imperium has changed from what Guilliman remembers, and how far it is from the Imperial Truth of the great crusade. His reaction to this is what makes the story so compelling.

I don’t play Ultramarines, but upon seeing this model it was something that I very much wanted to do as a fun hobby project. If anything, our monthly project idea came out of this. Comparisons to the Forge World model are unfair. This is a Guilliman in a very different time, with a very different set of armour – It’s a life support machine! (Spoilers?!)

[When I got into 40k many moons ago, the Ultramarines were the chapter I went with first. Not content with the Crimson Fists on the cover of Rogue Trader, I went with the chapter that was shown inside. I loved the black and white image of some MkVI marines shooting into the sky, and so my first army was Ultramarines. I love the new Guilliman model, and can’t wait to get cracking! – Rob]

Just look at him!

So, tomorrow we both start work on this fantastic model, and we hope, at the end of the month, that we will have a finished Primarch to show you.

Remember to check back each week for an update!