April Hobby Challenge: Robout Guilliman Week 2 Update

So we’re now at the end of the second week of our hobby challenge and it’s about time for an update.

Easter has been quite a distraction from painting this week, but I’ve still managed to get some bits down. It’s slow going, but going none-the-less.
I managed to finish the gold on Guilliman. There’s a lot of it, and its patient work to make sure that you don’t go over the blue too much. I can clean the blue up afterwards, but the less I need to the better. Remember that I used Citadel’s Retributor Gold for this. One thing I would say is that I really wish I’d left his backpack off. It’s so hard to get in between the torso and backpack to paint the gold.

I also started on the base. I thought, if I get sick of painting gold I can paint another part of the model. I airbrushed Citadel Stormvermin Fur over the whole base. (Don’t forget to thin it down.)

The next step was to give the gold a wash/shade. Washes or shades can really change the tone of metals for the best. It helps them to look more realistic, giving different definitions when the metallic elements reflect the light. For this I used Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. I applied it liberally, then after cleaning the brush I lightly wet it and removed the excess shade.

You can see how much difference it makes. Normally I would use Agrax Earthshade, but this Reikland Fleshshade gives a more regal gold.

Then I did the same to the base using Citadel Agrax Earthshade (arguably the best shade in existence – some friends have been known to describe it as liquid talent…)

The final thing I managed to get down this week was a bit more on the sword. I’m reluctant to call this a shade – even though I used a shade paint – but more of a glaze. I thinned down Citadel Fuegan Orange with Lahmian Medium by about half (or a 1:1 ratio if you like) and this was used to tint the yellow rather than shade it. I left the yellow in a few lines under the flames where it will be highlighted.

I already love the look of that sword, but there’s much more to do.

That’s all me from this week, over to you, Rob!

Cheers, Mike.

Looking at Mike’s progress this week, I feel I’ve lagged behind. I’ve spent all my time painting the blues, which, after starting the gold, I realise I probably should have done second. Nil desperandum, adapt and overcome and all that.

Much like last week’s progress, I’ve used Macragge Blue (Citadel Base) and added increasing amounts of Vallejo White to lighten it, which has given the blue a really nice colour.


I was talking to Mike earlier about whether to do the blue or gold first, and after finishing the blue and making forays into the gold, I can safely say that I feel I should have done the gold first. For the gold, I’ve used Vallejo Brass as a start as I think it’s a really nice metallic to start off. The only problem I can foresee is that the metallic paint covering isn’t as good at covering blue as I’d hoped, and if you zoom in on the picture above you can see where the blue shows through, meaning there’s going to have to be at least one more layer.

To try and counter this, I’m going to try doing a layer of Vallejo Model Air Rust and see if that works better. The Rust will be like a darker base coat for the gold – or Brass – and has a whole lot of pigment in it, which should aid in covering the blue. So this is where I’m up to:


I feel like it’s quite a way behind Mike, but with a bit of luck Bank Holiday Monday will be a good time to plough a few hours into it.

I’ve mainly been painting 30k for the past year or so, and the change in the amount of detail is ridiculous, I completely underestimated how long the gold would take – there’s going to be a few youtube videos watched/listened to while doing that gold – so that I’ve still got a long way to go.

I also added a base coat of Vallejo Medium Flesh Tone onto Guilliman’s head. I’m still undecided on which one to use, so will have both finished by the end of the challenge.

After reading Mike’s section, I’m glad that I didn’t glue the backpack on before painting. He originally scoffed at me for not gluing it, and I scoffed at him for starting with the gold, so we’ve both had a slice of humble pie this week – not as tasty as apple pie. [mmmm, pie – Mike]

My aim for the next week is to get all the golds and metallics done so that there looks like there’s been a lot of progress. Also, I need to remember the base and ensure that’s started before the final week.

Plenty to do on week 3!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with the hobby challenge. If you have any queries, please comment below.