April Hobby Challenge: Roboute Guilliman Week 3 Update

Well, the end of the third week is upon us, and it brings with it a feeling of dread that I’m going to be painting Guilliman for the rest of my life. Or at least for the next week and a bit.

I’ve made a fair bit of progress since last week, and I put it down to spending every spare moment painting him. So, without further ado, here’s how the week panned out:

The base I undercoated Citadel Abaddon Black, before painting the bulk of it with Vallejo Dark Sea Grey, while I painted the pieces of the eagle statue, bony protrusion on the Black Legionnaire, and skulls with Citadel Rakarth Flesh. I then washed the grey with Vallejo Blue Shade.


I washed the bony protrusion and skulls with Vallejo Sepia Shade – Citadel Seraphim Sepia is pretty much identical, and washed the eagle statue parts with Vallejo Brown Shade.

The grey rubble I gave a few layers of dry-brushing using Dark Sea Green/Blue Shade mix, adding Vallejo London Grey to lighten it, and eventually adding Vallejo White to the London Grey.


Once all the washes were dry, I watered down some Rakarth Flesh and went around the eagle, skull, bony protrusion, and pieces of stone, giving them a general base coat to work on.

Eagle & stone – I added white to some of the mix and highlighted the lower edge of the damage to the stone. The interior of the damage I added a spot of London Grey to the watered down Rakarth Flesh and highlighted the edges. If I get more time I’d like to highlight the stone a bit more.

With the stone done, I added Vallejo Model Air Chrome  to all the metal parts, and Vallejo Brass to the empty casings. So far so good.IMG_1813

Roboute himself I was kind of feeling a little overwhelmed by as I said last week. The trim on his armour is coming along slowly but surely though. I finished off all the Vallejo Model Air Rust, then washed it with a mix of Vallejo Umber Shade and Vallejo Black Shade. Once they’d dried, I started to use Vallejo Gold in a light dry brush to all areas – being SO careful not to get it on the blue… too much… Once the dry brush was done, I started to go over the bigger areas to smooth out the Gold, and get a good shine on it.

Below is the progress so far this week, with the main body of Roboute standing on the base (not glued down yet). I’ve still got the base layer of Gold to do on one arm and both legs, then I’ve got to tidy it up, and add some highlights. Then I can do all the other detail, yay!

There’s still a long way to go, but I’m feeling more confident that I’ll get him finished by a week today. Or at least, finished to a point…


Thanks for reading so far, and any questions, give us a shout below.

Over to you, Mike!

Oh gods, what have I done. This guy is so detailed! I had to cram as much as I could in between Monday and Thursday as I’ve been in London for Salute since Friday. (More on that in another post!)

I’ve finally finished the gold. After painting it all in Citadel Retributor Gold, I gave it a wash of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. I then decided the best way to paint the gold was to drybrush it. So I drybrushed it in two layers of Auric Armour Gold, and then Stormhost Silver.

I then had to go back over all the blue and fill it in. As you can see, the drybrushing covered some of it up. This was a bit more annoying than I expected as the Citadel Macragge Blue was so thin that some parts needed a couple of coats to go over the shiny metallic bits. I then do the metal parts using Citadel Leadbelcher, so that I could give the blue a recess wash and coat the Leadbelched in Citadel Nuln Oil.

Still a long way to go, but I’m confident most of the laborious and annoying bits are done.

Check in next week for out final update to see if we’ve completed the challenge.

Thanks for reading!