Storage review and desk tour: Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System

This post is all about storage, so if you are like I was for the best part of thirty years, you’ll look at it and go ‘Meh, I have boxes with all my stuff in, it’s fine.’ However, for me, this has been a bit of an epiphany.

Since I had my own desk to paint and write at, it as constantly been covered in works in progress, paints that I’m using for any number of projects that littered the surface, as well as two big monitors for a now ancient and decrepit PC. Stuff got dusty, bits got lost, it was for all intents and purposes, a bloody nightmare.

After discussions about storage and seeing some pictures of decent set ups online, I came across Hobbyzone who’s modular storage appeared just what I needed. I had at least twenty years worth of bits in the bits box, sometimes separated into bags, but ultimately there was too much mixed in together for me to manage finding what I was after, which meant that I rarely bothered.

What I liked about the modular workshop system, was the variety of parts you can get to fit whatever is needed. I initially ordered one row/layer of drawers, and the top pieces, those being for any paints, Vallejo type bottle paints, citadel paints, and the tool rack. The small corner piece does me for my glues and varnishes.

The parcel arrived, and it was a huge brown cardboard box. Inside were smaller boxes, each with the specific parts to make up one section, so one box for the tool rack, one box for the set of three long drawers, etc. Each section was flat packed, and I built them all using PVA glue while watching TV. A brief check of the instructions shows you the parts you should have and where they go, then you can crack on with little to no effort.

A few weeks later, happy with how they fitted together, their usefulness, and how tidy my desk now looked, I ordered another row of drawers for them.

Now once together, each section is held to the next with small magnets (see pic below), giving them all more support and stability. I can safely say, short from me falling over my desk, or the house collapsing, they’ll stay upright. and stopping them from tumbling if you knock into them – something which, being a little clumsy, I do regularly. The magnets can be hammered into place, though I used an Allen Key (hex key) to press them into place.

In the photos below I think I’ve covered most areas of the storage I have, but if there’s something missing, or you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

The general set up holds all my spares, left over from Ork, Chaos Marine, Grey Knight and Space Marine armies, along with spares and ready to paint miniatures for Frostgrave.


Corner units I use for keeping the parts I’m working on at the moment. There’s enough space to fit in whatever I need:


Space marine parts for 30k and 40k, as well as plenty of space for vehicle and dreadnought parts:


Space for more brushes and tools than I’ll ever own:DSC01810

Vallejo dropper bottles fit nicely into the corner unit, while Vallejo fit into the straight section next to it. The final paint storage section is open so that you can store a mixture of paints in there. The final shelves on the left I use to store glues, varnish and plastic putty.




The final picture below is pretty much the full set up, with only the drawers on the right not fitting on. Since taking these pictures I’ve shuffled everything round, so that all the parts are divided up and easy to find.DSC01805

All in all, I’m incredibly happy with the storage. I’d put of getting any fore about fifteen years, and this has finally got everything ordered into a way that I like it. It looks nice, is robust, makes excellent use of wasted desk and cupboard space. The miniature holder you can see in the last picture – just down left from the glass of water – is also available from Hobbyzone, and it’s ideal for holding your miniatures while you paint them, and saves you getting your grubby mitts all over them.

The lamp I use for painting is the Triple Bright Lamp from the Daylight Company, who specialise in daylight lamps of every description, while the cutting mat was from Hobbycraft. All items linked below.

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Mike did a nice video review of the Hobbyzone Modular Storage a week or so ago, and you can find it here.

Thanks for reading.


Hobbyzone Modular storage

Triple Bright Lamp 

Cutting mat