My Sons of Horus force has come a long way since I started plugging away at them more frequently which was around October, and there’s now only fourteen left to go. In a game against Night Lords and Mechanicum a few months back, my five man squad of flamers pulled a blinder, hosing down a squad of Night Lords under five templates and offing three of them in one turn. Next turn, they offed a few more.

To me this was a good thing, and I decided there and then that ten templates would be great fun. After remembering that I had a pack of Sons of Horus heads waiting to be used, I glued them onto these chaps, and the lascannon heavy support squad that’s coming up in the next few weeks once the Sicaran is polished off.

There’s a few troops from different squads in here, as I bulk paint up to a certain point and then split off into fives. My order of painting goes: FW airbrush paint Lupercal Green as the base; Forgeword airbrush paint Sons of Horus Green over the top, always leaving an edge of Lupercal Green around the edges; Citadel Abbadon Black – Wit this I paint on all the black, the rim of the shoulder pads, studs, icons, battle damage, etc,

The final guy above I used a pin vice to pore a small bullet hole into the thigh, and another more glancing one into his shoulder pad. I nicked the edges of the hole in his thigh with a craft knife, then painted the whole thing black. With the shoulder pad I added more black into the hole, and then sponged on the battled damage, making sure I added more to his helm. I did this because I was thinking about a bolt round or similar exploding and the spray of debris/shrapnel coming off the armour and into the helm.

From there I added Vallejo Model Air Chrome to all the usual silvery parts, the, and Vallejo Model Air Rust to the raised parts of the shoulder pads and the helm. I used Citadel Mephiston Red for the base coat of his lenses, and Vallejo Gold for the handle of his combat blade.

The next part was to shade the miniature. For this I used Vallejo Black Shade on the areas around the bullet holes (including the helm), all the Chrome parts, and also around the edge of each armour plate. Citadel Druchii Violet was used on the red sections, and Vallejo Burnt Umber on the Rust and Gold. There is also a small amount of Citadel Blood for the Blood God which I added running from the bullet hole, as though there was a wound somewhere behind the armour.

The red of the lenses was completed using a similar method to the gemstones tutorial, using lighter shades to highlight one edge of the lens, and using a spot of white for the reflection.

Finally the base. I went for quick and easy with the base, gluing a couple of tufts of grass on it, then coating the rest of the base with Citadel texture paint Stirland Battlemire, which coats it nicely. They were matte varnished, and finally, to add a little contrast to the green of the armour, I dusted a few areas of the base with Forgeworld’s Rust pigment powder.

With that, they were complete, the remaining flamers for the Tactical Support squad. GAME ON!!

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