So you may have noticed that we didn’t do a hobby challenge in May. (Our last hobby challenge was in April). We decided that we would move to a bi-monthly format for our Hobby Challenges in order to bring you other content. Our Guilliman one took up a lot of time. We also decided that every summer we would do a two month challenge, a bigger challenge.

As you may have noticed Rob and I have been working on specific legions for Horus Heresy games. Sons of Horus, and Iron Hands respectively. As both legions have models for their primarchs, we decided that we would paint Ferrus Manus and Horus the Warmaster (to give him his full title).

(Don’t worry, for future challenges we will mix it up and do other models, not just primarchs.)

Unlike the last challenge we agreed that assembly would not be part of the time period, so I went ahead and assembled Ferrus Manus ready for painting. The first thing I did was the take all the parts out of the box and then soak them in a bowl of soapy water for a few minutes. After that I gave the parts a gentle scrubs with an old toothbrush:

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It’s an absolutely lovely model, but a bit tricky to put together because of the number of parts, including some quite small parts and cables. The slip that comes in the box mentions instructions, but this is no longer a valid page on Forge World‘s website. So, I had to work this out myself based on their picture of the model. Thankfully they show many angles.

So as with most models I started with the body, attaching the arms. I also glue Forgebreaker to the model, as it was far enough away from the main body to now be a problem when it comes to painting.

The most difficult thing was the chainmail tassels around his arms. Follow the numbering on these and look at the pictures carefully.

Like with Guilliman I kept his head separate (Just like Fulgrim did – ha ha ha!), and attached this to a spare bit of sprue so I could hold it while painting. I also did this with the back pack as this was going to be largely a different colour to the armour, metal, and I wanted to keep them separate for now.

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I then dry fit the base, and primed all the parts with Vallejo Black Primer. (Along with some friends, as you can see!).

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Over to Rob:

Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Firstly, I’m hoping that I can do Horus justice. My biggest fear of this challenge is making an ungodly mess of the miniature, and spending the rest of my 30k gaming days gutted at the abhorrent waste of such a wonderful miniature.

A discussion I had over the duration of Warhammer Fest with Mike, Stu and Chris, was about how I thought some of the primarchs looked a little static, and though they explained that it was down to the miniature representing not just them, but them as they were. So, Angron (which I love) is charging forwards chopping people into tiny bits, while Guilliman is holding aloft his magic sword and saying… He kind of reminds me of a beautiful chess piece, but, does accurately represent him. There isn’t a primarch miniature that I don’t like, and if I had the money I’d gladly collect them, sadly it’s not the case.

Anyhow, onto the primarch at hand, Horus the Warmaster.


The base is pretty easy to stick together, the trickiest bits being lining up the upright bits of bannister and getting the bannister rail in place before the superglue dries wonky. Thankfully I managed this without too much effort. Piecing together the other section was easy enough, so that it can be easily removed, while fitting snugly.

The miniature for Horus himself made me a little uncomfortable, as the sheer volume of detail had me wondering whether this challenge was a good idea. The new 40k Guilliman nearly saw me off, and this is a good few times more detailed. Still, we have two months to do this one, so I can take my time over it, then rush the last few days and…IMG_2587

I’m painting a lot of the parts separate from the main body, so that I can ensure that it’s all painted well (?!) before I glue it, meaning that even the bits that are slightly obscured will be painted up, so there should be no dodgy bits on show. In theory. I glued his mace arm on as it doesn’t obscure any other detailed areas, but the likes of his cloak and tassels are being kept off until it’s all done. I’m going to be attempting to paint up his head using inks sparingly, and trying to blend the colours more, but we’ll see how that pans out.

The final part of the Warmaster is his claw, which in itself has a whole heap of detail. I’m not sure how I’m going to paint the claws. The rest of the power weapons for the Sons of Horus I’ve painted up so they look almost obsidian, so I’m tempted to try the same on the claw, but with tiny traces of electricity running across them, only the challenge will prove whether I’m capable of that, but it’s what I’m going to go for.

And that, is Horus ready to go. Roll on Thursday!

So, on Thursday we will both begin painting our primarchs. Look out each Sunday until the end of July for an update on our progress.