Today’s video is all the photos we took at Warhammer Fest 2017 minus the blurred, bad or terrible ones.

Warhammer Fest was held in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and was spread over several floors of the Arena’s conference centre. As well as having miniatures stretching back from the very start of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, there were tonnes of new ones, with large numbers of Primaries Space Marines painted up in a variety of chapter colours, the new space marine dreadnought, new Forgeworld and Blood Bowl miniatures, as well as a whole host of other stuff.

I particularly enjoyed the Golden Demons section, as there were a large number of miniatures that were unbelievably well painted. I think a special mention should go out to the Young Bloods category of painting – as the next generation of hobby painters, there were some brilliant paint jobs there. I overheard two girls talking, and one was saying about wanting to enter the Young Bloods, and her pal was saying ‘some of them are so well painted though’. To anyone who’s considering entering, go for it. Keep painting, keep practicing, and you’ll get the gold one day.

Anyhow, enough waffle, here’s the video! Enjoy:


Many thanks to Scare Tactics for providing us with some excellent music, the track Remain is from their album, Legion. Their contact details and links are below:
Website –
Youtube –
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instagram – @scaretacticsuk

Also special mention to instagram’s @cosplayalice who was hanging out with us that day dressed as a Dark Eldar Wytch.

Pictures taken on an iPhone.