It’s time for the second update on our Summer Hobby Challenge (first update here). I haven’t mentioned to do very much as I was away from Friday at a festival. (I actually wrote this on Wednesday!)

I’ve been mainly working on the armour, which as I said last week is numerous coats to give a beaten, oily, and machined armour look. If you’re unsure where I got up to have a look at our week 1 update.

The next stage was to stipple thinned Citadel Abaddon Black into the shaded areas. Again, I thinned this with Citadel Lahmian Medium.

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After that it was time to give the armour an overall wash to darken it down and make it more black. Oddly, rather than using black I used Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade. It was used straight from the pot without thinning. However, if I was to do it again, I would probably thin it a little bit and do multiple coats.

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Waiting for the wash to dry can be a pain. So I often try and do something else while I’m waiting. This time I decided to put some flesh colour on Ferrus’s head. (Although I do wonder why I’m painting it at all – hahaha!)

I used Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh Base for this, and so far have given one thin coat. I will probably do a second coat at some point.


The highlight is supposed to look uneven, where the light might catch the machined plates of the armour, rather than being an edge highlight. To do this, I heavily thinned (until it was almost watery) Citadel Fenrisian Grey, with Lahmian Medium.

I then brushed upwards towards the higher parts of the armour plating with the thinned paint. I then cleaned the brush and used it to wipe off random patches of the paint. I do a few coats until I was happy that there was a decent highlight. It’s supposed to look uneven, and don’t worry if it’s too bright as the next stage will darken it down.

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I then glazed this with thinned Drakenhof Nightshade, to darken it and blend it in with the rest of the armour. I did two coats of this before I was happy with it.

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That’s it for this week! Next week onto the flesh. I’m not looking forward to that.

Now over to Rob.

Horus. Horus, Horus, Horus.

This week, I’ve spent my time painting up the last of the tassets, and base coating the details on his armour, mainly the silver and bronze metallics. I’ve done about eight hours on him this week, and only got the silvers finished on Saturday night. There’s a LOT of detail here. The lesson I learned from painting Guilliman in April, was to paint the details first, then I can go back and paint the black to cover any overspill onto the main areas of battle plate.

The tassets I painted up by using increasing amounts of Vallejo White mixed with Vallejo Flat Earth, which was the base layer. The symbols at the bottom of the assets were washed with Vallejo Burnt Umber and then painted with Vallejo Model Colour Gold. The centre piece of the tassets, the Eye of Horus, I based with Citadel Averland Sunset.

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Once I was relatively happy with them, I added some washes to the Averland Sunset. I started with Citadel Casandora Yellow Shade, spreading this from the outside edge and almost to the very middle. Once dry, I added Vallejo Red Shade to a slightly smaller area around the edge. This gave the Eye a nice deep outer edge, fading to yellow in it’s centre.

I’ve still got a couple of highlights to add to the tassets but I can live with them like that for the time being. Next up, I moved on to painting the Vallejo Model Air Rust on all the details that I want the bronze/brass colour. I also roughly based the rest of the Eyes with Averland Sunset.

I continued with the rust (actually took about three hours to pick out all the bits), before moving onto the silver metallic areas, for which I used Vallejo Model Air Chrome.

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I then did the same with the Warmaster’s Claw.

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For the claws themselves, I’m still not sure how to paint them. At the moment, the rest of the army has a kind of purple/obsidian king of colouring to all power weapons, so I’m not sure whether to continue with that, or whether to just do them as thick metal claws. I’m tempted to go metal, just so the eye isn’t immediately drawn to long purple fingers when they see the model.

Two examples of how I’ve done them are below – though they’re taken from the Red Corsairs:

So purple, or metallic? That is the question.

This coming week I’m hoping to have the main bulk of Horus done, so that I can spend a bit of time painting up the base, which I expect to take quite some time!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comment below.