Basing and baiting

One of the things I love most about Warhammer 40k/30k is the huge variety of factions that people can collect. Everyone I know has at least one band of space marines, and usually an additional army on top. Mike probably has the most space marine armies I know of… although I may be on par, with five including Grey Knights.

One of the best things about the hobby, is that pretty much everyone can fight everyone else. Marine against marines? No problem, there’s a miscommunication and both sides come to blows, or, there’s just agro, like with the Space Wolves and Flesh Tearers, Ecclesiarchy, Dark Angels, and someone else I can’t remember. So with that in mind, it allows you to taunt and bait your opponents without ever having to vocalise it into a bout of brash goading, and that is what I call baiting and basing. Having a dig without uttering a word.

The first time I did this was when I was building up my Death Skulls. I’d picked up a space marine rhino and converted it (it has white wall tyres on one side – slick) into a looted wagon. Once done I painted it up as a Dark Angels’ rhino (one of my pals collects Dark Angels – ironically he hammered my orks when we played), then battered it, and badly repainted it as a Death Skulls one, leaving the Dark Angels logo and some of the green showing through the new, blue paint. Ork-Looted-Wagon

Since then, I’ve done it in blatant ways – like the Imperial Fist veteran who’s now in a permanent slumber on the battlefield;

and subtler ways – like the panels of my dakka jet that have the logos for the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, and Blood Angels.

A friend of mine Danny had a similar idea while building up the base for his Word Bearers Mhara Gal. Knowing that I was collecting for an Ultramarines Warhammer 30k army, he gave one a heroic last stand, as well as some parts of a ruined Ultramarine rhino.Mhara-Gal-base

I’ve carried this on through my miniatures, adding little touches here and there for people’s benefit, such as on the Red Corsairs, we have the Minotaurs – though I couldn’t get the colour right, and again, Imperial Fists for Mike.Red-Corsairs-Terminator

Ultramarines again;Red-Corsairs-TerminatorImperial guard;Red-Corsairs-Terminator

And another for the Blood Angels;Boss-Zagstruk

My biggest baiting piece will be on my Stompa, which is still an ancient WIP, and he’s sat unloved on a shelf for a few years now, one day I’ll get him finished. One day..

Anyone else get up to any discreet taunting with their miniatures?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and that it’s given you some ideas. Expect to see more on the Ultramarines over the coming year.


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