Although it felt like I hadn’t done too much to Horus this week, he seems to be taking shape nicely. This week I dived straight in with a shade over all the bronze parts of his armour and weaponry. I originally tried Vallejo Umber Shade, but that didn’t darken or dull down the metal as much as I’d hoped, so I mixed Vallejo Black and Umber shades (about 60-40 Black-Umber) and washed them with that. It did the job, darkening the recesses while maintaining the brown hint I was after.



I also did a quick job on the blades of the Warmaster’s claw, painting the chunkier parts of the blade nearer the palm with Vallejo Flames of War Gunmetal Grey, then using Vallejo Model Air Chrome to do the thinner sections. Thes still need blending together, but that’s going to be a job for next week.


The fur which is draped across his shoulders and hangs down the back of his cloak I based with Vallejo Dark Seagreen, which is my go to dark grey. It feels a little thin compared to the likes of London Grey, but this was good for me, as it meant that none of the fur’s detail was obscured.


Although my initial bronze colour was Vallejo Model Air Rust, I highlighted after the shades with Citadel Brass Scorpion, before lightly highlighting that with Citadel Retributor Armour. You can see the difference between the two on the studs below, with the ones diagonally down from his hip still missing the highlight. I left a crescent/line of Brass Scorpion showing on the bottom edge of the studs.


Below is the rest of the armour lightly highlighted with Retributor Armour, and I tried to keep the highlights to the uppermost areas of his armour, and also on the ridges of some of the details. It’s the first time I’ve done so many layers when highlighting metallics, and the results, for me at least, are pretty pleasing. My concern now is whether I’ll be able to just stick to one or two layers when doing the rest of my troops.

I’ve also given the wolf it’s first layer of Black Shade.


My final efforts this week were shading the fur on the cloak, and giving the skulls an Umber wash. I added a little left over Brass Scorpion to the symbols on the skulls, but it isn’t thick enough to cover the white/bone colours so I’ll need to fix that in the future.


Its starting to feel like it’s coming together now, and I’m looking forward to seeing him completed at the end of July.

Now, over to Mike for more Ferrus Manus goodness.

Just like Rob, I feel like I’ve done barely anything on Ferrus this week. In fact, I only really started this week’s efforts yesterday (Friday). However, I feel that the progress I made last week helped me to only do a few bits this week and feel like I’ve at least made some progress.

Over to the actual painting:

Once again, I’ve been working on the base side by side with Ferrus himself. The next stage after last week was to reinforce some of the purple that I had already sprayed on the dead Iron Hands. This was airbrushed Citadel Druchii Violet:

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Then I needed to bring the armour of the dead Iron Hands down to a more black colour. I did this in the same way that I did in the Iron Hands guide, by spraying over layers of thinner Tamiya Smoke. This gives an oily black colour rather than a solid black, helped by the pre-shading and other colours:

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Now, back to the flesh. It’s coming along really well, but I’m taking it slowly as I want it to look as good as possible. Thankfully I was painting a couple of Iron Hands sergeants at the same time so I could use them as test models.

I forgot to take photos for one stage, which was a highlight of just Citadel Cadian Fleshtone.

Next, I mixed Cadian Fleshtone 1:1 with Vallejo Flesh Highlight. Again, each stage went higher and higher, leaving previous colours in the shades and blending as I go:

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Then finally for the flesh colours was an extreme highlight of Vallejo Flesh Highlight. This was on the really prominent areas: brow, bridge of nose, top of lip, and top of ears, etc.

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Now that I’ve jumped that particular hurdle, back to the base. I removed all the masking so that I can paint all the base as one part. The next thing to do was to paint all the silver parts of the armour for both the Emperor’s Children and Iron Hands, as well as the scattered spurs and metal sheeting on the rest of the base:

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The next thing to do for the flesh was to start shading it back to give it more depth. All the highlights were done, but in order to give the natural tones of real flesh, and someone who habitually stayed out of the light, I needed to shade and glaze the flesh.

The first step was to wash Citadel Druchii Violet into the recesses. I added a little Forge World Clear Medium to thin this a bit, and stop it from pooling. This was washed on to the bottom lip, the recesses of the eyes, under the nose, and very lightly on the wrinkles on his forehead and ears. It was also washed onto the veins of his arms, and under each bulge of muscle:

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Then, to give the flesh a sickly colour, I heavily thinned down Citadel Lamenters Yellow with Forge World Clear Medium – this was about 25% Yellow to 75% medium – and glazed the entire flesh in this colour:

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And then, in order to make it look slightly less yellow I gave the flesh a normal flesh wash of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. Again, this was heavily thinned down with Forge World Clear Medium:

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So, that’s all the progress for this week. Not much in the way of overall progress, but the smaller parts, such as the flesh, are really starting to look good. Really, once the flesh is out of the way, the silver and brass on the armour should be pretty quick to do – he says now – and I will carry on with the base as I go.

We still have a month to go, so panic hasn’t set in yet.

Thanks for reading, and check back next week to see how we’re getting on.

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