How to Paint Heresy Era Iron Hands – Part 3 (Legion Symbols)

I went through how to paint the base colours for Iron Hands in a previous blog which you can find here. Today, we’re going to carry on looking at how to paint some of the details, starting with how to paint the Iron Hands Legion symbols for the models.
Iron Hands legion symbols are traditionally white, but the rest of the models have a very industrial, oily metal look. So, the trick is to make these symbols fit in with that look, and this is done by blending up from a base colour of Citadel The Fang:

After the basecoat mix in some Citadel Ulthuan Grey. This should be about 2:1 The Fang:Ulthaun Grey. Make sure that the paint isn’t too think as each coat should blend nicely into the last. With this coat, you want to leave some of The Fang in the recesses. There previous colour should still be visible, but in the shade. This will helps give a mechanical, painted look to the symbol:

The next two stages are fairly similar, each with more Ulthuan Grey. Each layer of paint is also a blended highlight, so you should go higher on the symbol with each stage, leaving the previous colour in the recesses. For this stage mix 1:1 The Fang and Ulthuan Grey:

And then next going higher on the model just use pure Ulthuan Grey. Make sure that the paint is a almost watery consistency, using either water, thinner, or medium to thin it down. You don’t want it too thick, otherwise it will look chalky:

The very final stage is to capture where the light will hit the symbol. To do this paint a small bit of Citadel White Scar as a very extreme highlight. As you can see from the pictures, I kept this to very small parts so that the overall colour was still the light grey:

Don’t worry if it looks a little rough in places. You can always go back later and paint on a line of silver in areas you’re not happy with to represent wear and tear, or sponge on silver as I will show in a future article. Also, once you have sprayed the model with matt varnish it will help blend the colours together.
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