Scenery, part 1

This post is going to talk a little about my love hate relationship with Scenery. For all intents and purposes, scenery is a really useful feature of any game, not just to block Line of Sight from gun-toting enemies, but also to set the feel of any battlefield/pitch/game, and to make the table look great. Over the past decade, since I got back into 40k after a break of about five years or so, I’ve amassed a fair bit. In the same amount of time, I’ve painted up maybe 50% of it, and most of that is just getting it done to add a bit of colour to the table.
Depending on how and where you play, some people stick to set types of scenery, they sci-fi gothic type of Warhammer 40,000, the ultra-sleek sci-fi of the Infinity universe, or the cubic colonies of Mantic Games worlds. When I game against R Kid, we love fighting in built up areas, so use a mix of it all, the gothic parts, all ruined will be near to the ruined cubic colonies, while the main hab areas and industrial parts are all intact. The mix looks cool, and provides tonnes of cover
In this first scenery post, I’m going to be using Mantic Games scenery, solely because I have some painted up quite nicely, and I find it pretty versatile. The one below was from the Deadzone: Infestation kickstarter – did I mention one of my stories is in the anthology for that kickstarter? More info here – , and is part of the Industrial set of scenery. This is how all the industrial scenery looks at the moment, bare plastic glued down to plasti-card. Now this is where the love hate starts.
I like the scenery to be detailed inside and out, and to do that, I have to stick it to plasti-card, which makes it more difficult to store, and gives extra bits to paint around the edge. Also, like this, I’d irk myself when putting it on the table because it’s not painted (hello, orks…) , even though it’s a great piece of scenery.

The next stage of scenery is something like this; The plasti-card is painted with textured paint, the walls and insides have been sprayer with red primer, and the outer wall has been painted a pail blue colour. The whole colony is the same colour (when painted) and it fits together well. On the table, even with just a lick of paint like this, it looks a lot better. This is set up to be two single-person billets on a colony, so each side has a footlocker and a vid-screen (both from Antenociti’s Workshop), and I have sci fi beds to go in each side, and some smaller bits of detailing, that all need painting.

The next stage, is when I’ve started populating it a bit more, and designating what kind of building it is. I’ve started doing this one as a bar of some sort, and it has a few vid-screens on the wall, a few ‘barrels’ on the wall behind the bar, a ‘fridge’, but it’s still a bit basic. Again, there’s loads of little details to go in here to finish it off, and I need to get it finished for a narrative 40k campaign (not an official one obviously) I’m writing at the moment.

In the final picture above, you can see where the paint has beaded on the resin… things. If ever you see people talking about cleaning resin properly before spraying, this is why. The releasing agent makes the greasy, and the paint beads on it.
So now we start getting to the kind of scenery where I’ve really gone to town with it, largely with extra bits purchased from Antenociti’s and some bits that were given to me by DWArtist. If you’ve not checked out his painting, do so, it’s phenomenal – special mention to his Golden Demon winner in issue 140 of WD. His Blood Angels Rhino inspired me to convert stuff years before I knew him. This is a kind of security room/armoury which, if I’m perfectly honest, should be bigger, and should have the door on the other side, but, coulda, shoulda, woulda. I know for next time. This has had all the internal parts fully painted up and is complete.

The pole up the side would have been a street light, but it’s snapped off over time.
The next building is the second completely finished one I have, and is a medical facility. It’s only small, but it looks so nice when people are shooting hell out of each other within it’s walls. Again, the internal parts are all Antenociti’s, and look so nice painted up.

When I get carried away and paint up something like the armoury or medical facility, I really do love to have them on the table. My problem is that I want all my scenery to look like that, and it’s NEVER possible to reach that, for me at least (current unpainted miniatures + time per miniature x miniatures added over time. Or something), so I will field the rest of the scenery, hoping one day, that I’ll have it all finished and looking fab.
At the moment I’ve been getting things in place for Walking Dead: All Out War from Mantic Games, so TT Combat have been getting a few orders from me since the new year. My first building to complete is this imposing Brownstone. I’ve got the internal features, and I’m just waiting on some stairs for the inside – you may have seen a few if you follow us on instagram (linked at the bottom). Once I have the stairs, I’ll be cracking on.
One thing, if you read this, and you know any good companies that make 28mm modern day internal scenery, please let me know. 🙂
Thanks for reading.

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