For years I’d resisted buying an army for Warhammer 30k, as I didn’t have the funds, and figured I’d just stick with Warhammer 40k. Then, after hanging out with Mike for a few years, Games Workshop released the gateway drug into 30k with the Betrayal at Calth boxed game, providing anyone who used all the miniatures for one force with a decent little army. Since it’s release, I’ve added, and added, until it is where it is today.

The only miniatures which aren’t shown are the Justaerin and the Lascannon heavy support squad, who’re still on the painting to do list – thanks to the Death Guard. If you look at the army and think ‘that’s not really a winning build’, it’s probably because I buy all my armies based on looks, or what I think is cool. I usually read the rules for them after I own them.

Below are some group shots of the army, and below that, some individual unit shots, and a few detailed close ups.



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A special thanks to Playmats EU for the background mat, and for doing such an ace job on the Night City mat. A review of their excellent gaming mats is coming soon.

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