This month we’ve teamed up with a couple of our gaming pals Adam and Dave for the September Hobby Challenge, where we’ll each be painting up a Blood Bowl team. If you’ve never played Blood Bowl you really should. A small, tactical game where you try and score, or try and paste your opponent into submission. I’ve played the game since its second incarnation and I’m still terrible at it, but I love it to bits. [He’s not lying, Bob. He was the worst coach the Reavers ever had. Remember that game where they even forgot to turn up?]

I’ve always played humans, originally as the Reikland Reavers who I was pretty good with, and more recently as the Blitzkrieg Allstars, who suffered pasting after pasting. The last one day tournament I took part in, they had a horrific game against an Elf team of some sort, where I was battered. I think it was maybe 5 (or 7…?) – 1 (cheers, Alex!). It was so bad it was brilliant. [Was this the game you were talking about, Jim? Sadly, no, Bob]

Rob: Peak-Pass Pulcinellas

With the new Blood Bowl edition, I debated playing Orcs, and just making a bashy team, but then something happened; Games Workshop released goblins. Their helms gave them the half moon look of the night goblins banner poles, but also, the look of Punch. For some reason, I love Punch and Judy, even though he’s a thoroughly horrible character, and so the Peak-Pass Pulcinellas were born.

One of my pals, Nathan, is a fiend for Blood Bowl, and was advising me on how to build the team. He asked what I wanted from them, and I said I want them to be ridiculous. Winning is optional. [Winning certainly is optional, Bob] So, I went with the following build:

Troll Star Player (A great looking Fantasy Football Troll ordered from here)
2x Trolls
Chainsaw Goblin
x Goblins

Colours wise, they’re going to be painted with red as the primary colour, with gold and yellow secondary colours. as well as the greens of their skin, they’ll also be wearing powdery facepaint to make them look like Punch. [We don’t know who this is, listeners, but we’re sure it’ll look scary and ridiculous. Mostly, ridiculous, Jim.]

Mike: The Woolitchscratch Weapons

Why did I chose Skaven? They were the race that got me into Warhammer Fantasy Battles back in the day, and when Blood Bowl was last commercially available there wasn’t a Skaven team available, so I scratch built one. They never got to play, so I’m back to get my revenge.

As for how I put my team together: Well, I’m an Arsenal fan, so I’ve gone for a team that has bags of pace, and talent going forward, but will be completely lacking in any strength of defensive aptitude. I’ve also forgone any reserves, as having injuries and having no one to replace them with is pretty common. (I’ve forgotten. Am I talking about Skaven or Arsenal…?) I also decided to spend on an apothecary to hopefully try and prevent those really nasty injuries. Then there is only one thrower, because having only one player that can get the ball forward seems right. This is supposed to be ridiculous, right? [He’s really not happy is he, Bob? That’s right, Jim. Maybe he should watch a man’s sport like Blood Bowl!]

So, my team is:

4x Gutter Runners, 2x Blitzers, 1x Thrower, 4x Linemen, 1x Apothecary.

And they look like this:

The two coaching staff are two of the converted Skaven I made for my last team. Now, though, one has a new new tie, and the other has a handy (hopefully!) medi-pack!

I’m not sure how I’m going to paint them yet, except for rat-like. They were going to be Skavenblight Scramblers, but they may have to be red now…

In true Skaven fashion, this may not end well…

Adam: The Middenheim Towers

Isn’t it dreadful when you are just minding your own business, slogging away at work and happen to look at your group chat and the phrases, “New Game System” and, “Hobby Challenge” appear? No? [Group chat? Is that what the kids are doing over a pint of Bugman’s xxxxxx these days, Bob?]

Actually, it’s pretty great, especially when the system in question is Blood Bowl! I have always meant to get playing. Since I was a kid and bought Halflings. Unfortunately, 19 years later, progress on that team remains fairly limited. As in not even out of their packs [I’d wondered where those chaps had got to, Bob! That’s right. Do you think they can breathe in there, Jim?]:


I intended to get these started. However, they are meant to be quite hard to play. So, I thought a simpler team to get started might be a good plan. Plus, the new models are fantastic.

To be honest, it was always going to be a simple choice; in 40K I am Imperial Guard, Warhammer Fantasy I am The Empire, and any RPG human. So, a human team it was! [He know’s what he likes, that’s for sure, Bob]

I always intended to tie them in with my Warhammer Fantasy armies, and paint them in Averland colours (yellow and black, for those who have come to the hobby since Averland was destroyed!) and do them straight out of the box. After all, they are lovely models. Unfortunately, my footballing allegiances came into play and they had to be blue. Hopefully my background piece next week should explain a bit more as to WHY they had to be blue! [Ooh, sneaky. Leaving suspense. It’s like the transfer window all over again, Bob]

Thus, the Middenheim Towers were born! Now, being Middenheimers and hailing from the City of the White Wolf these hardy northerners couldn’t have the heads from the kit (no beards!). So, head swaps were the order of the day.

Assembling the clip together models was really easy, but leaving off the heads left a gap in the torso. Fortunately, a bit of putty made quick work of that!

Having had multiple Empire armies over the years, I had more than enough beardy [not to mention his beardy luck, eh, Jim?] heads to fill a team. I think it gets the feel of a different team across, and was really simple to do. Plus, it helps me differentiate between the individual models. Not that there are any names yet: “the thrower with the monocle” will have to do for now!

Unfortunately, that is all I got round to this week. Progress shots for Week 1 below:

Blitzers, Catchers and Throwers:




Next week: The background of the Middenheim Towers. Maybe a list, maybe some names… maybe…

Dave: WARRGHford BBFC!

I’ve quite fancied a blood bowl team for a while now, although I’ve never played the game, and when I found out that this month’s B&B challenge was going to be a team, I knew I wanted to be part of it!
After initially toying with collecting a human team, I turned my attention to pastures greener… ORCS!!! The thought of an American [Surely he means Blood Bowl, Bob?] football team of hulking green-skins storming up the field and beating everything into a pulp, at the expense of actually getting the ball, was too cool to pass up!
I decided to do this as a challenge to myself (this is a hobby challenge, after all) to make the team ‘out of the box’. I am notorious our gaming group for spending so [He means too much, Jim] much time faffing with intricate conversions, that I never actually finish (or in some cases even start) painting any models. This seemed as good a time as any to try and break that habit.
Adam and I split the 2 starter teams from the Blood Bowl boxed game, and I decided that I wanted to add a troll and a couple of goblins to my team.

In terms of assembly, the process was straight forward, the orc team from the set and the goblin players were essentially snap together, although I had to do some small amounts of filling on some of the linemen and both throwers, where the model parts met along the shoulder pads.
Some of the mould lines were a tricky to get to, running between outstretched fingers or down into the spikes on knuckle dusters, but I used Mike’s technique of running thin poly cement over the parts I couldn’t get at with a knife (As demonstrated by the man himself, here), and that did the trick nicely. [It really is a good technique, Bob. You should check it out!]
The Big guy was a bit more of a challenge… The Blood Bowl Troll is a gorgeous model, and a lot of thought has clearly been given to assembling him so that seams are hidden under or incorporated into details, but even so, I was left with some small gaps to fill.
I wanted to try out citadel’s Agrellan Badland basing paint on this project, so I filled the divots on the bases with Milliput to avoid being left with a crater in the centre, and I scattered a few skulls across the team’s bases at this stage too (it wouldn’t be Orcs without some skulls making their way into the basing now, would it?) [We’re not entirely sure that’s legal, but we’ll let it pass!] After that, I primed the whole team with ‘Vallejo surface primer Grey’ using my airbrush.
That’s it for this (admittedly very short) week, I have quite a busy week coming up, but hopefully I’ll have a few colours on the team ready to show you some progress next week: