When I became sick of painting Red Corsairs, mainly down to the very short and not at all intimidating Huron Blackheart and painting too much red, I decided the Black Legion would be an easier army to paint up quickly, but, after years of owning the Abaddon miniature, I ended up binning him, as he too was short in stature, and not very imposing.

Around October last year I started pondering building my own Abaddon, and finally bought the Chaos Terminator Lord miniature from Games Workshop. I have two of them already, one painted up as a Red Corsair Terminator Captain, one sprayed black to be turned into a Black Legion Sorcerer. With the new one, I built a miniature as close to Abaddon as I could, and was happy that he looked intimidating, especially looming atop the stone, eight-pointed star of chaos – or part of it at least. I’d used one of the huge Grey Knight swords instead of the metal Drach’nyen demon sword, and decided to freehand some demons/trapped souls onto it.

The first step? Undercoat it with Citadel Abaddon Black.


Next, I watered down some Citadel Xereus Purple and roughly painted on some faces. If I missed out an eye, or smudged it, I corrected it with a tiny speck of Abaddon Black and carried on.

Next I added a spot of Vallejo White to the mix, and a tiny bit of water. Every time I add a new colour, I add a little water just to keep the paint thinned, otherwise it thickens as more paint is added.

With this layer, I roughly planned out the details of each face, highlighting eyes/eye sockets, horns, teeth, etc, to start the detail off.


Next, I added a little more White, then highlighted the details again. It’s important to remember to always paint in downward strokes, as you can see where the paintbrush is going, and it also holds the point better. By doing this you can ensure you’re getting thin lines, and also that the bristles on the brush don’t separate. This does mean that you rotate the miniature a lot, so that you are always painting in this way.

With the addition of more White, I picked out more of the highlights, covering less area than the previous two layers.

The final layer was just a watered down White, and I used it to highlight really small areas on the highlights, only a spot on the teeth or the rim of an eye socket, or a very thin crescent down the side of a horn or head.

Once the final layer was dry, I coated the sword with a layer of Citadel ‘Ardcoat Gloss Varnish which adds a nice shine, and seems to deepen the colours a little.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. When the ‘How to’ for Abbadon is posted I’ll like it here for convenience.

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