Well, it’s time for the second update to see how everyone’s getting on with this month’s Blood Bowl hobby challenge. [It’s definitely building up, Bob!]

Rob: Peak-Pass Pulcinellas

This week I’ve managed to do a fair bit of painting on them and I’m happy with the progress. Basing the colours on Punch (from Punch and Judy), the Pulcinellas are mainly red and yellow. So, it’s these main colours, and the skin, that I’ve been working on. [They say it’s easier to start on the Skin, Jim. That way it’s easier to put them down. We’re not entirely sure that’s legal though, Bob!]
So far:
Red: Citadel Mephiston Red, shaded with Citadel Druchii Violet
Yellow clothing: Citadel Averland Sunset
Yellow Armour: Citadel Averland Sunset
Skin: Vallejo German Cam Bright Green, shaded with Citadel Biel Tan Green


The only addition I’ve managed on top of the reds and greens is the Citadel Averland Sunset base on some of the pauldrons, gloves, kneepads and lower legs.


Ignoring the scratch built Abaddon, this is the team so far. I’m impressed with the detail on the new Blood Bowl miniatures, so I’m looking forward to a short, fully painted league in the coming months. [So are we, aren’t we, Jim? That’s right, Bob!]

Mike: The Woolitchscratch Weapons

So, this week, I have been mostly painting fur. That’s right. I wanted to get the main fur colours down before starting on any armour or other details. There are a couple of duplicate models in the team, so I decided on two different base browns for these, Citadel Dryad Bark and Mournfang Brown. I airbrushed both of these.

For the coach, Ratskin Angér, I wanted him to look older (and wiser?) [The jury is definitely out on that one, Bob], so went for a white fur instead. This was done with an airbrush of Vallejo White Primer, then brushing a coat of Citadel Pallid Wych Flesh over the top.

I then gave all the flesh (On all models) a coat of Citadel Agrax Earthshade to give them some shading. Then the Dryad Bark players were drybrushed with Citadel Verminlord Hide, and all the browns were given a final drybrush of Citadel Golgfag Brown. While the browns still looked different, this final highlight tied them all together. Mr. Angér was given a drybrush of Citadel Praxeti White. Which I will probably give him another coat of this week.

That’s all this week!

Adam: The Middenheim Towers

So this week I have achieved nothing towards completing the hobby challenge. Being abroad can do that to you [He does spend a lot of time lurking on the Old Forest Road, doesn’t he, Bob?]. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about my poor Blood Bowl team all the way back in Blighty.

Firstly, that I may require another few players. The extra skills that throwers, catchers and blitzers have are more than worth the extra gold compared to your average linesman, at least in our practice games. For this reason I think I will be dropping a re-roll and some fan factor from my practice team to do a few upgrades. [It definitely makes a difference having those special players, Jim. Someone who can pick you up when the rest of your team is just a pile of rotting flesh in your dugout.]

Also, I have been thinking  of some background to my team. The team examples in the back of the Blood Bowl book are great and I have always loved the story telling element of our games. So here is the background to the Middenheim Towers:

Founded in 2136, the Middenheim Towers are the oldest professional team in Middenheim. Under the orders of Ar-Ulrik Kriestov, “Those bloody Reiklanders need a good seeing to”. This has since become a traditional fan shout to energise the team, whether they are playing Reiklanders or not!

The Towers are the oldest team in Middenheim, but not the most successful. That honour goes to their neighbours, Middenheim BBFC, who were founded by the Knights of the White Wolf and so play in red rather than the city’s traditional colours of blue and white. This causes a lot of friction between supporters of “the reds” and “the blues”. For years the two competed at the top of the North Empire league, but the Towers have now started to place consistently lower with only one SPIKE! Cup win in the last 20 years to assuage their fans.

However, the future looks brighter for the Towers this season. Noted manager Joseph De Anhalt-Freiborg, otherwise known as “Royal” Joe, has returned from retirement in exasperation at his old team’s poor performance. They have also had massive investment from Shiekh Yadosh, who has decided to diversify his portfolio after breaking off business ties with Midas the Mean and his mercenary armies. On top of all this, their fans will soon be able to come and see the Towers in even greater numbers once they have moved to the newly rebuilt Bitterfield Stadium (named for the bitter cold in Middenheim, honest). 

With such changes on their side, the “Bitterfield” Blues of the Middenheim Towers stand more than ready for the Hobby Challenge League 2017!

Dave: The Skull River Brawlers

Well, I promised I’d try and get some colours down on the models for you all. I did, and it’s more colours than it would appear at first sight!
Going into this project, I had decided that I wanted to paint the armour on the Orcs yellow, as I have never painted anything yellow before (apart from perhaps a single Bretonnian miniature way back when. I can’t remember.), but yellow is a notoriously difficult colour to paint. With good reason, it turns out. [All this talking of painting seems a bit out of character for an Orc, Bob. Yes Jim, I thought they usually just coated their armour with an enemy’s viscera.]
My initial approach was to try a Citadel Dheneb stone (Rakarth Flesh) basecoat with successive Lamenter’s Yellow glazes, but it looked a bit flat. So, I abandoned that technique and tried a more traditional building up from a base yellow using Iyanden Darksun (Averland Sunset) as a base. I still couldn’t get it to look how I wanted.
At this point I decided to make things easier by challenging myself (yes, you read that right!), and reached for my airbrush. Handily, the Blood Bowl sprues give you some tokens and Icons to practice your armour colours on:


I built up gradual layers of yellow as detailed below, highlighting up to the edges and tips where I felt light would catch (not always the top of the minature):

Basecoat of Averland Sunset (done in two thin passes to make sure the colour was solid).
Highlight with Yriel Yellow (again in thin coats, so a transition could be created from the Averland basecoat).
Highlight with a 50:50 mix of Yriel yellow and Flash Gitz yellow.

After that it was just a simple (!!!) [We think he may have fallen on his keyboard here, Bob.] case of a recessed wash of Casandora Yellow (make sure to wash all the bolts!), followed by an all over edge highlight of 50:50 Flash Gitz and Vallejo Model Colour Ivory, and a final extreme edge highlight of pure VMC Ivory.
Then I gave the whole model a coat of army painter anti-shine varnish (mixed 50:50 with airbrush thinner and run through an old airbrush) to stop myself rubbing off all my hard work in the later painting stages.

Take that recipe and apply to the entire team (along with blocking in couple of the other basecolours) and you’re left with:

family shotThese models are super detailed (I can safely say that after effectively edge highlighting an entire team twice: once for the pin wash, once for the actual edge highlight), and this method was very time consuming due to all the sharp edges, but I’m really pleased with the results. If you were painting something with less sharp edges (like a certain chapter of Space Marines, for example) [We’re starting to see the beginnings of some trash talk here, Bob. Yes, but it’s about as articulate as the average Orc, Jim. I’m amazed he can even spell, Bob.] it could be a quick way of knocking out a decent paint job on an army.
(I’ve included a close up of one of my blitzers, because I like how his gauntlet has turned out. 🙂 )


Challenges for the next week?

  • Work out how I want to paint orc skin!
  • Resolve shirt colour dilemma (see the picture below)
  • The troll, who is still sporting grey primer…

shirt trouble

[That’s all for this week, folks!]