Well, I think we’ve all been struggling this week to get things done. It seems like the second week is always a down point of a challenge. It’s that week where you’ve yet to get into the project proper because you’re still doing the ground work, yet you’re starting to realise just how much you have left to do. I’m definitely in that stage. I’m not quite feeling how I want to paint this models yet, but I realise we are half way through the challenge. [Typical of the Weapons to be late doing anything in the pre-season window, Bob! I bet they’ll finish the squad just before the deadline, just like last year, Jim. And they still won’t have enough players!]

What I do like about painting though, is that it only takes a few early stages for the model to start looking like it’s painted. I’ve, thankfully, got to that point with the Woolitchscratch Weapons.

Last week, as you know, I did the fur, and this week I have done the bare skin parts. These two bits make the main part of the model look painted:

This is just a simple basecoat of Citadel Ratskin flesh, then a liberal wash of Agrax Earthshade. After that a simple highlight will mean that the rat is painted and then it should be just down to doing the armour and team colours. I hope to have more progress to show you next week as I always find that the details start to come together more quickly once you have done the core of the model. [So full of confidence. I can’t help but feel it’s misplaced, Jim.]

Rob – Peak-Pass Punchinellas

This week, after initially thinking I hadn’t made much progress on them, I managed to get a fair bit done at the end of the week. The colour scheme I’m going for feels like it’s coming pretty well. Since last week I’ve added:

Yellow armour – Citadel Averland Sunset with a Citadel Fuegan Orange wash
Yellow cloth – Averland Sunset with a Citadel Seraphim Sepia wash.
Metals so far – Vallejo Model Air Chrome.

A couple of things I’m pondering are [Have you ever seen a pondering goblin, Bob? No, Jim, I don’t hang around many gardens…]:

  • The colour of the chainsaw
  • How bright a green to do the goblins
  • What colours to do the trolls – one is a frost troll, so a nice ice blue, the other two I’m undecided. Maybe a light green and a dark green? Maybe a grey? Who knows…

While every effort had been made to paint the whole team to the same point (apart from reaching into the back of the nook they’re kept in while painting…) I have missed this guy, who will now be painted up while I sort out the troll I’ve picked up for the star player, Ripper Bolgrot. [And he thought he would be languishing in the reserves this season, Jim. How much do you bet he’ll be their star this year, Bob?]img_5448

I spotted a third party fantasy football troll who was wearing a top hat, and ordered it without delay – I like top hats, though I can’t wear them myself. [We’re not sure why, listeners, but coaches do say some funny things don’t they, Bob? At the end of the day, Jim, if they score more touchdowns than the other team they may just win.] I came to glue him together, and was frustrated by the dodgy joins in the metal, and he’s going to have to be pinned, and gaps filled. This is far more effort than I’d usually put into a Blood Bowl miniature, so up until now, I’ve just been sulking, and ignoring the drawer he’s in. [Lots of hiding trolls this season, eh, Bob?]


Dave: The Skull River Brawlers [We’re sure this is the third week in a row they’ve changed their name, Bob. What will the sponsors think, Jim?]

We’re another week down in the Bloodbowl challenge and I’ve made a bit of progress on the Skull River Brawlers – They now have painted skin! [Cor, this preseason really is exciting, Bob!]
As I mentioned last week, I’ve never painted orc skin. I had a look for painting guides online and was completely inundated, but I found that they were all a bit too cartoony for my tastes (very bright and vibrant colours). [No cartoons here, Jim. This is a real sport!] I have recently painted a German WW2 army for bolt action and have completely fallen in love with drab, pastel colours on miniatures, and I wanted a ‘realistic’ skin tone for my orcs to contrast with the loud, bright yellow of their armour plates. Unfortunately, this meant I had to come up with my own recipe… if you like the look, here’s the list [I hope they don’t forget to mention the sponsors, Bob.]:

  • Basecoat with Vallejo Model Colour US Dark green
  • Layer with Vallejo Model Colour Russian uniform WW2
  • Pick out details with a layer of Citadel Stracken Green
  • Extreme highlight with Citadel Ogryn camo
  • Wash with Citadel Athonian Camoshade (to mute down the colours and blend everything together)

The overall effect is a bit darker than I was hoping for. The Camoshade makes quite a difference to the colour overall, but I’m happy with the finish.
I have also decided that the shirts will be in a black/dark grey colour. I had a discussion with Mike about which colour to use, and I have to agree with the colour theory here (There, you’re right, I said it. Happy now??) [Ouch, I bet that one hurt, Jim! It sure did, Bob. He’ll be reeling for weeks after that!]. I will still manage to use my beloved Dheneb stone in the colour scheme though, don’t worry!

linemen 17

Blitz+block 17

I still haven’t looked at the troll yet. Although, I have given some thought to the colours he will be painted in…

Adam and I have also had the first of the pre-season (un)friendlies: The Middenheim Towers hammered the Brawlers 3 touchdowns to zero. Although, the Brawlers fans were treated to the bloody spectacle that they have come to expect, resulting in the Towers playing most of the game with 10 men, and the fan favourite, Rainier Wooney, being taken rapidly to the apothecaries tent after a particularly vicious opening block from the Black orc Grishnak Spinesnappa. [Gotta watch out for those Orcs, Bob. I bet they don’t even realise they’re playing a game, Jim!]

pre season unfriendlies

Entertainment for all the family as usual at Bloodison Park!

Adam: The Middenheim Towers 

Well Sportsfans, this week has definitely been the best for progress so far (even though I only arrived back from my jollies on Thursday) [Is he doing our job for us, Bob? Sure looks like it, Jim!]. There is finally some paint on my models!

To date they have been:

Airbrushed with Vallejo Black Primer

Airbrushed with Vallejo Prussian Dark Blue

Washed with GW Drakenhof Nightshade

Flesh basecoated with GW Doombull Brown.


To be fair, they don’t look much, but I am in a good position to start highlighting and building up some layers on them next week. [It seems every team is in the same position, Bob. Should be an interesting season, Jim.]

As an aside, Prussian Blue is almost exactly the same as Kantor Blue in the GW range. I prefer to use this colour on historical models, or models I am going to wash as it is slightly more matt, which means the wash is less likely to pool and historic models look a bit more worn. [Actually, Jim; Gloss paints usually help washes to pool less. He must have some secret, Bob!]

With these few colours on they were at least “The Blues” for this week’s “unfriendly” match against my good mate Morko Kilva! Unfriendly is really rather unfair though, as Dave and I muddled through the game together and were probably on the lenient side of how we usually play, which in itself is pretty laid back.

I think I am starting to get to grips with Blood Bowl as a game. Starting to understand the use of skills and how to get the most out of the players, as well as ganging up on people most effectively. The Pass, Catch and Dodge skills are starting to become firm favourites. Re-rolls are amazing and to get them from skills saves those precious team re-rolls for when you roll those dreaded “attacker down” results on the block dice! [We’re not sure what dice he’s talking about listeners. It must be those new devices fans have started throwing at the players, Jim.]

With this in mind I have ordered another human team and an Ogre, ready to add a few more players with Skills to the team before the transfer deadline closes. Fortunately, they don’t require much conversion, so I should be able to get them ready by the time we start to play properly. [Finally, some investment in a team, Jim. That’s right, Bob. I don’t think it’ll save him from those Black Orcs though.]

Even with minimal conversion, I hope you think they look sufficiently different to a standard human team, as modelled below by my team captain with his feathered helmet and White Wolf medallion accessories:


Until next week…..

C’mon you Towers! [Other teams are available!]