It’s week three, and the teams are starting to look like uniformed groups. There’s a lot of colours on, and they’re looking good. [As they say, Bob: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And just who are they, Jim?] I’m pretty sure that at the start of the challenge, four weeks seemed like bags of time [I thought the wizard’s college had stopped giving out those time bags, Jim?] to get a team painted up, but as time’s gone by it’s noticeable that there’s a lot more to it than first expected.  Let’s see how everyone’s got on:

Dave – Skull River Brawlers

Another week closer to the end, and I am finally at the stage where I have a team that looks presentable! [That’s quite a statement for an Orc, Bob! We should just be happy they have clothes on, Jim.]

All the base colours are now down, which is just as well given what’s happened this week: The Skull River Brawlers have made some last-minute signings in the pre-season transfer window! (They actually missed the closing of the window by 3 hours, but Morco Kilva beat the official that told him this to death with his own shoe. As a result the signings have been allowed to stand). [I thought we were the commentators, Jim? Seems this coach has got ideas of his own, Bob!]
My pre-season game (mentioned in last month’s post) showed me that, although the starter box is a great team to get you playing the game, it’s not the optimal team composition. Blitzers and Blockers for the Orcs are great and, whilst Throwers are decent, it’s not worth having two in the team. As I already have more than 11 players I decided to trade out a Thrower and use the spare gold to upgrade two of my Linemen to a third Blitzer and a third Blocker, which should hopefully give my team a bit more punch (which is something every Orc team should have in spades!) [Though spades, we remind you listeners, are not legal sports gear!]. Here’s a shot of the two new signings, and the model I have made to represent Morco, my manager (he’s a converted OOP Kromlech model):

morco and signings

In terms of painting I finished the skin on the Black Orcs and the Goblins. I didn’t do these guys at the same time as all the other Orcs as I wanted them to have different skin tones. The Black Orcs were a darker shade:

  • Basecoated with Citadel Foundation Orkhide Shade. [That’s “Waaagh! Flesh, Bob.]
  • Layered with Citadel Foundation Knarloc Green, thinned to a glaze (the thinning is very important here, as the foundation paints are very heavily pigmented, and you want to maintain the dark colour of the Orkhide Shade). [Loren Forest, Jim]
  • Extreme highlight of Citadel Elysian Green.
  • Finally wash of Citadel Athonian Camoshade to mute it down and blend the colours together.

black orcs

I wanted the Goblins to have a lighter shade of skin:

  • Basecoat with a 50:50 mix of Citadel Foundation Gretchin Green [Deathworld Forest, Bob] and Vallejo Game Colour Heavy Khaki.
  • Wash with Citadel Athonian Camoshade.
  • Layer with the mix from step one, leaving Camoshade in the recesses.
  • Extreme highlights with Citadel Ogryn Camo.


On top of this I have also blocked in some of the other colours: leather straps, some metals I had missed previously, dark grey on the shirts, etc. and painted all the teeth and loose cloth with Dheneb Stone (I told you I can’t do a project without it!). [It’s true, he can’t, Bob.]

team shot 24 sept

All that remains is a few washes and some layers and the team is done! [Famous last words, Jim.]

Oh, and the Troll, I still haven’t started him. And the New signings. And the Manager. And their bases. And the tokens. And the Balls. And the Coins. And the… [All we could here after this, listeners, was some maniacal laughing. We’re not sure what happened.]

Rob – Peak Pass Pulcinellas

At the start of this week I was under the impression that there were three weeks to go, so was doing a little work on them every other day. When it got to Friday and someone mentioned that it was only one week after this one I pulled my finger out, and spent the past two nights stabbing at them with a Medium Base brush. [He really does have an odd sense of time, Bob. It may serve him well in the league, Jim. Or, he maybe the other team will score before he’s noticed. You can see it all here, listeners!]

Colours for this week:

Cloth yellows: Reapplied Citadel Averland Sunset
Armour yellows: Reapplied Averland Sunset (Mostly not done yet)
Cloth reds: No change yet
Armour reds: No change yet
Bone and teeth: Citadel Rakarth Flesh, Citadel Seraphim Sepia shade
Troll flesh: One of each – Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade, CitadelBiel Tan Green and Seraphim Sepia
Wood: Vallejo Beige Brown, different boards washed with Serphim Sepia or Citadel Agrax Earthshade, Highlighted the sepia boards more with Beige Brown.
Gold: Citadel Retributor Armour
Metallic: Vallejo Model Air Steel
Straps: Beige Brown

Up until last weekend I hadn’t even built Ripper Bolgrot. So, I assembled him on Friday morning before work, and painted him up over the following nights. I didn’t want all the Trolls looking the same. [One is scary enough, Jim!] So, Bolgrot’s skin was painted with Vallejo Russian Uniform 2. While I was initially disappointed with the miniature, after putting him together and throwing some paint on him he looks great, and is a worthy addition to the team. The Games Workshop Trolls have an unreal amount of detail on them so I’m expecting they’ll take up the bulk of my time next week. Looking at them below, I’m alarmed by how much there is left to do. [Perhaps you could come up with some nicknames to tell them apart, Listeners! Suggestions on a SAS, that’s a stamped-addressed-squiq to you.]

The special weapons and Goblins I’ve not really done that much on. Picked out a few details, added their straps, added gold to the front of some of the helms, and that’s about it. Only the Looney has had a lot of work done on him, with the ball being painted yellow to resemble a massive, skull-smashing smiley [we think the kids in Altdorf are calling them emojis these days, Bob.], and his armour and gloves being touched up.


For the rest of them they’re in pretty much the same state they were at the start of the week…


Next week I’ve got my work cut out to get them finished on time.

Mike: The Woolitchscratch Weapons

I didn’t think I’d got that much done this week, but looking at my competitors efforts I’m fairly happy. The international break has meant that I didn’t have my players with me to work on their fitness for the new season. [He means he had a cold, Bob. That’s right, and he couldn’t be bothered painting in between eating chocolate and feeling sorry for himself, Jim]. However, their new strips are coming together well and starting to look like that may actually be ready for the opening day of the season after all.

The first thing I did was layer the skin sections of the models. This is a laborious process, particularly on the tails, but one colour makes it looks so much more realistic and provides a lot of depth. This was done with Citadel Cadian Fleshtone, as always thinned with a little water.

I then painting all the armour sections with Citadel Leadbelcher. I would normally shade that with Citadel Nuln Oil, but you don’t want Skaven armour to look clean [it certainly isn’t, Bob. Some people suspect there are all sorts of poisons on there, Jim. We’ve never got close enough to see!], so Citadel Agrax Earthshade is a much better alternative. As you can see it gives it a dirty, rusty appearance:

All that I need to do now is the main uniform colours, then final details like the teeth and claws, and the eyes. Then the bases. Not much, eh? [Such confidence again, listeners. Check back next week to see just how misplaced it was!]

Adam: The Middenheim Towers

Aah! It’s that point of the challenge now that we call Panic Stations. Almost every gamer knows this stage… it’s the “week before the tournament”, the “night before the big game”, or six hours before the painting competition. The bit where you are still not sure if you are going to be painting Empire Knights in the back of a Corsa as it flies down the motorway at 70 m.p.h. at six a.m. on the day you head to Warhammer World (yes, this is a voice of experience!). [It’s true. We looked for the archive footage, but couldn’t find it. Much to our disappointment.]

So, Friday night was when I first started thinking, “this might not get done”. As often happens in these cases, I have really focussed and been quite productive!

To most rapidly facilitate progress I split the models into batches. In this case: four models. Usually my batches are much larger (10-15 usually, 25 at most, ever since 48 Napoleonic Russian Infantry almost sent me insane), but due to the low squad size needed to play, and the high level of detail on the miniatures I felt this was both manageable and will keep me painting to a consistent standard. In a skirmish game like this there are no models that can be hurriedly painted and stuffed in a rear rank! [We’re pretty sure the Towers have to fight in the armour out of season, Bob. As is right and proper, Jim!]

So far I have managed to get the batches to three different stages. This is to keep me motivated – I switch between batches when I get bored of one, once I finish the colour I am using. I’m not sure if this is standard practice or just an odd thing that works for me!

That has left the Towers in the following state [We’re expecting them to be in much more of a state later in the season, Bob. That’s right, once those Trolls get to them.]:

1. These four are classed as “nearly done”, needing only minor highlighting/detailing and any freehand or transfers I end up deciding upon, and of course basing:


2. The middle four are “on their way”, needing edge highlighting, beards and minor details picking out [Is it me, Bob, or do they look like they’re trying to spell out the name of a popular cost-effective accommodation in Middenheim? The MMCA, Jim?]:


3. These four are “WIP”, needing some highlight stages as well as metal painting:


With these models, overall, I think I might be half way there. And that’s where the issue arrives: my team isn’t actually all here yet! I need another Catcher (I love Catchers but they are so squishy) and an Ogre… and maybe another Blitzer, depending on whether I think I can live with two re-rolls. These chaps are in the post and I have been told they will arrive Tuesday. [Nothing like a last-minute deadline day transfer, Bob.]

When they do arrive, their manager “Royal Joe”, is ready and waiting to put them through boot camp. Here he is exhorting the Towers to push up the field:


Next week I might actually explain a bit more about the techniques used in painting the team and give you its final composition. I probably have to decide the models I will be using before the season starts. Cheating in Blood Bowl is mandatory for the players and teams but probably frowned upon in the gaming group… [Only if you get caught, Bob. Writing about it on a public forum probably isn’t the best start, Jim!]

Until next week! C’mon the Towers!

[Other sports teams are available.]