Back in May I went to Warhammer World in Nottingham with a few friends to play some games, have a look around, and inevitably spend some money. It seems like a long time ago now, but it’s probably changed enough that you can see what was there then and still have your own unique experience.

I do think it’s worth a trip to Warhammer World if it’s not too far. We’re only two hours drive away (on a good day!) so it’s not a bad day trip. Other friends have stayed over and enjoyed it just as much.

The first thing we did (as we were a little late – thanks traffic!) was head to our reserved gaming tables. On most days you can reserve a number of gaming tables that will be set up and ready with scenery when you get there.

As you can see all we had to do was get out our models, roll some dice and play some games. (We also gave the Open War cards a go which is a brilliant idea for quick pick up games).

If you must know I got beaten up badly by a Harlequin army that I just couldn’t touch with all the firepower in my Valhallan army. There was a last minute dash to the central objective, but it wasn’t to be. Damn!

After our first game we went to grab some lunch. Bugman’s Bar, on site, is a great, dwarven-themed pub, which serves great food, and beer. AS you can see from the specials, it’s not too bad for price, but I’ve only once had a bad meal from there in something like 20+ visits.

If you can still walk after lunch (the portions are pretty good, but I was too hungry to take a picture of my food!) you can go and have a look at the exhibition. It currently costs £7.50 per person (It’s free if you have a ticket to an event on event days), but it’s worth it. We spent a couple of hours in there. Yes, really.

The great thing is that the exhibits keep changing, so each time I have been there has been something new to look at. One example of this is the Prospero board. As new models from the Forge World range are released, they update the board.

The only area I couldn’t take a picture of is the large display of Ultramarines vs Khorne in the middle of the exhibition. We spent a while in there as Warhammer World are currently running a “spot the assassin” competition. There were four of us, and we still couldn’t find him! It was fun, but it almost drove us mad.

Have a look at the photos:

We then had time for another game. (Wednesday nights are late opening till 10pm – we stayed till 8pm) As you can see we used the same tables as they were still reserved for us. I honestly can’t remember what happened in this game, but I believe it was a draw!

Outside Warhammer World they even have a “life-sized” Rhino APC, converted from a working APC (I’ve seen it driving around!).

So, there’s plenty to see at Warhammer World. If you enjoy the games, and even if you just have a passing interest, it’s worth a visit. Friends who aren’t have come and enjoyed spending time in Bugman’s – it is a pub after all!

You can find more about Warhammer World from it’s dedicated website: here.

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