We’ve finally made it to the end of the hobby challenge, and it’s been quite the slog. Efforts to get everything painted up have been hit and miss over the course of the challenge, as real life often gets in the way of planned hobby time, but as it is, we have four completed (*ahem* don’t mention trolls *ahem*) teams ready for our league to commence.

When Blood Bowl was originally canned from the Specialist Games section of GW’s website, there was a lot of disappointment in the Blood Bowl community, but the tournaments continued, the Living Rulebook carried on living, and the game showed how steadfast it could be. When it was re-released, I was over the moon. I love Blood Bowl, regardless of how bad I am at it, and with the new beginnings come the new teams. Our four here are the start of hopefully a yearly Brush and Boltgun league, where hopefully, I can win a game. – Rob

Mike – The Woolitchscratch Weapons 

The sudden extension to the preseason transfer window was actually quite useful. I had rushed to get my team finished to tabletop standard last week, and was fairly happy with them, but this week I was allowed time to really finish the little touches I wanted to add.

The first thing I did was to double-check all the highlights I had previously done. The first thing I noticed is that I had missed some of the brown straps that are hidden on all the Skaven models. I highlighted these using Citadel Gorgthor Brown.

Then, I gave the bases another drybrush. This time I used Citadel Tyrant Skull. This gives it an earthy, muddy look. I hadn’t, as yet, painted the tokens and balls, so I gave all of these a basecoat of Citadel Warplock Bronze, then a layer of Citadel Brass Scorpion, before washing it in Citadel Agrax Earthshade. The brass was then drybrushed Citadel Sycorax Bronze, and Citadel Necron compound to really finish it off.

The green for the warpstone on the balls, and the veins on the base was painted by basecoating Citadel Caliban Green, washing with Citadel Nuln Oil, then painting increasingly smaller lines of Citadel Warpstone Glow, Citadel Moot Green, then a final dot of Citadel White Scar. This gives a glowing effect. The green smoke was simply basecoating with Citadel Ceramite White, and then coating in a wash of Citadel Biel-Tan Green. This provides that smokey effect.

I then applied the number transfers using the method I’ve videoed before, which you can find here.

Throughout this challenge I tried to take pictures of the whole squad, which I now realise didn’t provide a very good view. So here is each model on its own in a handy slideshow. Enjoy:

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Adam – The Middenheim Towers

So, here we are! The final week (or final week +1 to be more accurate). Fortunately, I actually have something to show.

I have already talked about paint schemes, list creation and basic tactics. Besides showing you the finished team, what do I have left to discuss?

I thought the best thing to talk about this week is the actual journey of the hobby challenge and project progress in general. My progress in this hasn’t been smooth, rather, it has been as follows:

Week 1: Assemble and undercoat first 12 models.

Week 2: Write background and team list (whilst on holiday)

Week 3: Paint to gaming standard first 12 models and order reinforcements.

Week 4: Build and base coat new arrivals

Week 5: Complete highlights and last 4 models. Base whole team.

This is pretty disorganised : were I to have been going to a tournament I would definitely have been up until 2am the morning before getting the models ready (and before anyone else at B&B highlights it, yes, I used to be a Project Manager)!

Tips to avoid this would be:

a) Do NOT plan to do any hobby on a busy week, treat this like a bonus if anything does happen.

b) Write the list first, then purchase all models if working to a deadline. Adding figures as you go is great if you are building an army at leisure, but for a deadline one purchase is necessary

c) Decide on a batch size and paint all of these together for speed. Don’t deviate from the decision at the beginning of the project. I add a proviso to this: unless it evidently isn’t working. The ghost of a batch 48 Napoleonic Russians still haunts me!

My main mistake, I feel, was that I had planned my hobby time as though it would be split over the four weeks of the challenge, yet I was away for 10 days of it. This led to my rushing the last few weeks and eventually missing the deadline. This was compounded by the late arrival of my last models. I also fell into the trap of painting my models in smaller groups than I had planned, due to the detail and different colours needed, e.g. for beards, balls (hur hur) etc.

If I had painted, from start to finish, a group of five models each week, then I would have had the team done on time, using only the three weeks I was free. And five models per week to this standard is not a big push at all. Breaking down a big task into several smaller ones is definitely the way to go.

Soul searching aside, I am pleased with how my team turned out. They are different enough to the “out-the-box”  team to satisfy the modeller in me, and they look good on the pitch. They aren’t going to win any painting competitions but as everyone I game with knows, I paint to get armies on the table (or into cupboards, but the less said about my Ptolemaic army the better!).

Below are my Blitzers and Manager, Catchers and Throwers, Ogre, Linesmen and the team in formation ready to play!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my trials and tribulations as I got them ready. Hopefully soon you can see how they perform in the Brush and Boltgun (Northern Conference) League 2017… and I may see you soon for another hobby challenge.

Until then, C’mon the Towers!!

Dave: Skull River Brawlers

So, I missed last week’s posting as real life got in the way, which means I have had some major catching up to do, and I’m sorry to say, I didn’t quite manage to get the team to their final form, but I have got all of the orcs and goblins to the stage where all them need is decals and a varnish to be finished, which I’m counting as a win!

team shot

Troll? What troll? There was never a troll, stop asking. Ok, there was a troll, but He’s not even remotely finished. I’ll keep working on him, and the final details of the team before our planned mini-league, maybe Mike and Rob might even let me feature him on the B&B if I ask really nicely…

Most of my painting time has been dedicated to getting the manager and the two new team members (black orc and blitzer) started and up to the same stage as the others, then batch painting them all in one big, horrible batch of 17 models, which is way more than the 10 I normally set as an absolute maximum, It’s been a slog, but I’m happy with the way they have all turned out.

Basing was done with Agrellan EARTH (not Badlands, which I mistakenly bought two pots of… great paint, but not the one I wanted – It will see some use in the future though, watch this space!), washed with Agrax Earthshade (well, Devlan Mud, because I’m old fashioned) once that had dried, I took an ice lolly stick (popsicle, if you’re joining us from the US) and cut a section away, so it was thinner and could be worked into smaller nooks and crannies on the models. I then took this new tool I had created, and thickly slathered on Vallejo Model Colour white straight from the bottle, and used this to ‘stamp’ lines onto the agrellan earth texture. This gives a straight white line, but is suitably blotchy and poor coverage to be like the lines painted on turf (such as on a poorly kept school football field, or one with an orc groundskeeper. Which, if you went to my school, may be one and the same). After that it was just a simple case of gluing on some tufts of mordheim turf, and it was done. I’m really pleased with how this turned out, it’s exactly the look I wanted!


The hobby challenge has been good fun, and has actually been really good for my productivity (yes, I’m saying that even though I haven’t finished!). Normally I get easily distracted and start building a different force for a completely different game system after the primer is down on any given project, so the fact that these guys have multiple colours on them is a show of real progress! It has also given me a chance to mess around with some colours and techniques I haven’t used before. I now have several ways of painting different shades of orc skin in my painting arsenal (and the beginning of a troll skin one, although I’m still working on that), a way of painting yellow that I’m really happy with, and it’s given me a chance to try some real airbrush work; Creating some highlights and transitions rather than just getting basecolours onto a miniature.

desk shot

10/10, would hobby challenge again.

Rob: The Peak Pass Pulcinellas

Finally I can look at them and consider them finished, bar the odd detail that I’ll pick out over the weeks when I spot them. As the weeks have gone by, I can safely say that the bonus week was far more productive than previous weeks. I finished all the skin, the red of the clothing, highlighted the yellows, battle-damaged the armour, applied the black eye/nose face-paint and a little watered down white for the lower part of their faces, applied gore to the models who needed some, painted on the numbers, the flames on the bomb, the balls (…), counters, and also based them all. The team are now looking grand.

The bases I used three kinds of grass tufts which I picked up from Element Games, and Citadel texture paint Stirland Battlemire, which, if you’ve read any of my other posts, has been used for pretty much all of my Sons of Horus army.

I’m happy with how the trolls turned out, the details on all the models made it easy to give them a different look, and they came out as players number 1-3.


Players 4, 5 and 7 are the fanatic, looney and bomma, who turned out better than expected. I wasn’t a fan of the chainsaw when I first started painting it, but now, with the all the colours done and a smattering of gore, it looks good.


The standard goblins tend to be cheap, weak, and easily killable. With any luck I’ll be able to afford some replacements after each game. I’m expecting more than one of these guys to be carried off the pitch in a bucket, sack, or troll’s stomach.


Coach Little Git Nobrojte has been training the team hard, using his knuckle duster, cigar, and foul language.


The counters and balls turned out well, and I think show the idea of what the Pulcinella face mask I was going for on each of the team (although it’s applied as face paint rather than as a mask).

A few close ups of some of the players.

And so finally, we have the Peak Pass Pulcinellas.


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