Every now and then I encounter a tricky model or technique where I have to try something new myself. One benefit of this is that it allows me to share the results with you and hopefully alleviate some of the pain that I went through.

One example of this is when I started to put together the Malcador Heavy Tank for my Iron Hands legion.

Now, I always suggest dry fitting models together before gluing them, to make sure that everything is in the right place and will go together well when you put the glue on and push the pieces together. It’s a good thing I did with the Malcador, as the plastic track sections it is supplied with do not fit nicely within the resin track parts. This is a result of the resin casting technique which means that parts can be a little bit warped in size. Most of the time it isn’t a problem, but sometimes things like this crop up.

I had a brief search on the internet for anyone else who had the problem, but no suggestions showed up. The instructions for the tank are also pretty rubbish. So, I decided to fix it myself and share the results:

The correct pieces to use for each track assembly are as follows:


That is (from the track’s top front, to top back); a 2-link piece, 1-link, 1-link, 2-link, 1-link, 8-link, 1-link, 12-link, 2-link, 4-link, 1-link.

And I started assembling them in this same pattern, ensuring that the plastic piece was pushed back as far against the previous piece as possible and holding it while it dried. (Use super glue for this).


For this next bit I had to do something unusual. That was, to glue the 1-link and 2-link sections together. I did this on their own before putting them on the model, and used plastic glue (polystyrene cement), making sure that they were flat and in a line:


This then went on the rest of the model once it was dry:

Largely, the rest was a case of gluing each section on, pushing it back, and waiting for it to dry:

img_6267.jpgimg_6267.jpgmalcador tracimg_6269.jpgMalcador Trackimg_6272.jpg

This is where it gets a little tricky. For the last few sections to fit correctly you will need to do some cutting. The first bit is the flatten the central link of the 12-link track section as follows:

malcador track

You can glue this bit in place, but I would dry-fit the remaining parts until you are happy they all fit. The next section is the 2-link piece, and this should be flattened out on both the middle link part, and the two rounded parts either side of this, and at either end. As follows:

malcador track

Then do the same for each of the remaining sections, as follows:

malcador track

Then put all the pieces in place until they fit. You can keep filling until they fit. As you can see it looks a little messy, but it can be cleaned up, and this is in most cases going to be underneath the model so won’t be as obvious:

malcador track finished

As always once I’ve assembled a plastic model, I go around with plastic well and a brush. This helps solidify the joins, and it also helps meld them together. As you can see in the following picture it has also cleaned up some of the untidiness:

malcador finished trackmalcador track finished

And here you can see the finished track sections:

malcador finishedmalcador finishedimg_6288.jpg

I hope this is useful for you.

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