Games Workshop Stockholm & Games Workshop Helsinki

Back in August I visited Stockholm and Helsinki. I was off to Helsinki for Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, and went to Stockholm on the way, because why not? I’d always wanted to visit.

Not only did I fall in love with Stockholm, but I started learning the language. (Hej och välkommen till alla våra svenska tittare!). No visit to another country would be complete without a visit to the local Games Workshop.


The guys in Stockholm were so friendly, and happy to show me round in perfect English. (I hope next time I’m there we can speak in Swedish). They showed me some of the incredible models they have there and let me take some pictures to show you all. They have not one, but three Golden Daemon winners (It may have been four, apologies for forgetting!), take a look:

(If I’ve missed off any credits please do let us know and I will correct them ASAP!)

Their cabinet:


Gandalf by Patric Sand:

Gandalf by Patric Sand

Necromancer and some other models by Roger Axelsson:

Necromancer and some other models by Roger Axelsson

Wraithknight by Max Faleij:

Wraithknight by Max Faleij
Wraithknight by Max Faleij

Orruk Army by Roger Axelsson:

Orruk Army by Roger Axelsson

Imperial Fist Tactical Marines by Sten Frödin:

Imperial Fist Tactical Marines by Sten Frödin

Imperial fist diorama by Martin Petersson:

Spacewolf Army by Martin Peterson:

Spacewolf Army by Martin Peterson

Stormcast/Orruk Duel by Roger Axelsson:

Stormcast/Orruk Duel by Roger Axelsson

Blood Angels Army by Sten Frödin:

Blood Angels Army by Sten Frödin
Blood Angels Army by Sten Frödin

Orruks by Roger Axelsson:

Orruks by Roger Axelsson

Undead Army by Jai Rennie:

Undead Army by Jai Rennie

Skaven Army by Maximilian Åkebrand:

Skaven Army by Maximilian Åkebrand
Skaven Army by Maximilian Åkebrand

I think you’ll agree they are some fantastic paint jobs!

Unfortunately, despite Games Workshop Helsinki being literally next door to my hotel, it was closed Saturday afternoon when I went for a look around. Apparently shops in Helsinki close earlier on Saturdays.


However, my Dad did go back on Sunday (while I was at Worldcon) to get some pics for me:


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