Hobby Guilt Season Second Update


Well, we’re two weeks into the hobby guilt challenge, I think it’s about time I gave you a bit of an update on my progress (sorry, I missed last week!)

I have base coated most of my force, with the exception of a unit of 8 warriors on foot, but I have decided, given that the challenge is only running for a month, that I’m going to focus on boxing off the cavalry; 48 models was definitely an optimistic target! The Horsemen were the unit that were putting me off getting the army finished anyway, so getting them finished will hopefully pave the way for me getting the entire force finished at some point in the near future (preferably before the next round of games over the Christmas break!).

So what have I ACTUALLY done? Well, the first thing I did was research. It turns out that there are actually plenty of guides on how to paint horses on the internet, breaking down common patterns of colours seen in real life and translating that into miniature paints. I usually check Pinterest when I’m stuck for hobby inspiration, and once again, it didn’t let me down – I love that website, so many inspiring ideas for all of my projects.


Here’s one of the amazing vintage pictures I turned up on my searching – ‘New’ rough riders? These were the old models long before I started playing 22 years ago… (Though I remember them being released… – Rob)

Here’s a link to the article. It’s from an old White Dwarf (It’s a Mordheim feature, so it must be old!). The colours are all in the old Citadel paint range, but there are conversion charts available online. [Ask below if you’re unsure – Mike]

I broke the 17 horsemen down into three groups (with the exception of the Commander and ‘leader’ of the Hearthguard, who were put to one side), and painted each third in one of the following colour schemes:

1: Vallejo Black surface primer, highted with Vallejo Model Air (VMA) German Grey (best.colour.ever.), then washed with a thinned Citadel Nuln Oil.

2: Vallejo Grey surface primer, base coated with VMA Khaki Brown, then washed with a thinned coat of Citadel Devlan Mud (Agrax Earthshade).

3: Vallejo Grey surface primer, base coated with VMA Burnt Umber, then washed with a thinned coat of Citadel Devlan Mud (Agrax earthshade)

After that, I then further sub-divided the groups fairly randomly and fired up the airbrush again to apply fades of colour onto the feet and faces as detailed in the guide above. I only used two colours (VMA Black and White) on all of the horses, but by mixing  the white and black on the different base colours it adds loads of variation. This final step really helps to bring the models to life, and using an airbrush makes it so much easier to achieve great looking fades into the base colour!

I then turned back to the commanders: I decided that I wanted them to be in a white or dappled colour to make them stand out, maybe they are purebred white chargers or something? I don’t know, I’m not a horse scientist…

So, that’s where we are up to this week! Hopefully at the next update I will have some progress to show you on the riders!


With the impromptu bonus video, and the Mortarion series, I’ve not done much painting other than for them. What I have done though, is watch Series two of Stranger Things while building miniatures. This week I managed the following:

Genestealer Cults Goliath Rockgrinder – It’s big, it’s chunky, it has rotating bits on the front. I was thinking originally of doing it as the truck, but I can’t resist putting the plough on the front of vehicles. I’m on the look out for a Limo for my Cult, so if anyone knows of where to get one in roughly the right scale, let me know!


I also managed a few Stormcast Eternal chaps riding Gryph-chargers to go with my other Stormcast Eternals. Have to say, they were really good kits to put together, and so detailed. Looking back on the old miniatures in Dave’s post shows me how far GW have progressed since I started collecting. Awesome stuff! 🙂


Finally, I put some Shadespire groups together, Steelheart’s Champions, Iroskull’s Boyz and Garrek’s Reavers. I’ve managed to get a lick of paint on the Champions and will have a blog post about them in the coming weeks.


All in all, not a whole lot done other than stuff for the posts and videos, but I have caught up on a bit of TV which is always nice. Hopefully I’ll have more painted for next week.


The first thing I did this week was to carry on with the Iron Hands heavy support squad. They’d been sitting there for a few days while I applied a few coats of Microsol. I like to add a few coats as it really softens the decal and then no longer looks like a decal. I leave plenty of time to dry so that it doesn’t damage the decal. This is why it can take a few days. I then sponged on Citadel Ironbreaker for some battle damage. I do this before the lenses and any lights as these wouldn’t have and metal scratches.

Iron Hands Heavy Support w/ autocannons

While this was going on, I’ve been working on my first squad of Custodes. I did all the shading last time, so now I’ve been adding highlights now with Citadel Auric Armour Gold, then Liberator Gold. Only the right Custodian has a full highlight of Liberator Gold, so you can see the difference.

Adeptus custodesadeptus custodesAdeptus Custodes

The whole point of this is to work on models that have been sat around for ages. So I dragged out the characters from

Betrayal at Calth the, which I got on release day (2 years ago?!). This is far as I got then:

Ultramarine Captain Aethon

Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd

And the other thing I’ve been doing, as if I needed any more models to paint, is undercoating some of the models that I’ve had assembled for a while. Such as this guy:

custodes contemptor galatus dreadnought

I’m not sure how much I’ll get done for the next update. This weekend is the Black Library Weekender (let us know if you want me to report from it by commenting below), but at least I’m making progress.

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