Hobby Guilt Season 3rd Update


Hi all. Apologies for missing last week’s instalment. Travelling with work got in the way, so all that really happened was that my models from Perry miniatures arrived, and there was much rejoicing.

Unfortunately, this week’s progress hasn’t been particularly exciting either. This hobby challenge is definitely proving more of a grind than Blitzkrieg. This is probably my own fault. I have spoken previously about the best size to batch paint… and I have completely ignored my own advice! In this case, I am painting for a skirmish game that has around 10 models per side. Therefore attempting to paint all my newly undercoated models simultaneously, including different colour schemes, in one batch of 14+ is  ludicrous.

I need to sort this out for next week and begin working on Samurai as individuals, and split my Ashigaru into batches. I will probably work on the new Samurai and Ashigaru separately and then work on the previously assigned Imagawa and Shimazu bands separately.


All my previously unpainted models (above) are, at least, basecoated and based. I am still struggling with the skin tone, but am happy with it to this stage: Citadel Doombull Brown with Citadel Ratskin Flesh as the first highlight. I now need to highlight up and reduce the pigment in the flesh, closer to, but not quite as far as, “white” flesh.

My starting bands are gaining more colours and getting closer to completion. Another highlight to the skin, eyes and armour colours for the Shimazu and a bit more (including freehand Mons) for the Imagawa. But at least they too have a few more highlights on.

Painting Ashigaru:

In regards to painting this week, I have focussed mainly on the Ashigaru. As someone who does enjoy painting a uniformed army, I have made things quite difficult for myself by not uniforming these troops.

Whilst the armour is black with a clan badge. Their trousers and jackets have been painted a mix of cloth and grey. This is unlike the majority of Samurai Era gamers. Indeed, if I was painting them in units of 24 for a mass battle game I would certainly have them uniform! However, I see these troops as still basically Feudal. They would be uniformed at the start of the campaign but if trousers are damaged or jackets bloodstained, I can see them replacing these with whatever is to hand. These differences would not be so apparent in a large unit but in a skirmish game I think it is worth the effort to pick out some items in different colours. This is the same as I have done for the shako covers and coats in my Napoleonic French for a skirmish game we play set in the Peninsular War. Small changes look good in these forces.


And speaking of French… ask any of the Brush and Boltgun guys… if there is something I am meant to be focussing on I always end up painting or modelling Napoleonics of one kind or another. This challenge is no exception. When I ordered my glaives (Naginata) for the samurai in the top picture, I also ordered some Ninja (to save on postage costs- or at least that’s my excuse). I also bought another unit of Voltiguers and a cannon for my French Peninsular army. I couldn’t resist assembling both this week too!




So, all in all, a bit of assembly, a bit of painting and a bit of figuring my way towards a flesh scheme I am happy with. Could be better, could be worse! Hopefully next week I can get a few finished to show you before the challenge is over.


Well this week, again, has mainly been about Death Guard. It’s a long running theme for me to try and finish an army, and invariably, I stop when I have about 10 models remaining (14 in the case of the Sons of Horus). For the Death Guard though, I’ve really wanted to finish them, and as I was working on this week’s video and Mortarion again, I’ve just been adding bits of paint to them, and a handful of Plague Marines who’ve been kicking about. However…


I have finally started to put together this big guy. It’s the first knight I’ve ever built and painted, so he’s a bit of a trial run for any future knights. I’ll be doing a couple of tutorials on various parts in the future, but for the time being, I’ve just been bladdering this one. It’s been sprayed with Citadel Leadbelcher, washed with Citadel Nuln Oil, and then had the thighs painted with Vallejo Model Air Chrome. The Reds have been painted with Mephiston Red, then washed with Citadel Druchii Violet.

With the main change out the way, this is what I’ve also been pottering about with.


These guys are the next four to swell the Death Guard ranks. I have a lot of them to get through, so like Adam, I’ve been trying to break them down into manageable batches. The chaps below are ones I’ve painted en masse, with one large group, then another large group, then another, with a few lagging behind at the back.


As you can see, some are nearly there, others are way off. You’ll recognise a few from the Death Guard Painting techniques post, mainly the champion on the left, and the meltagun chap in the middle.

These guys are undercoated and built. I’ve painted their shoulder pads to use up some of the green, and the odd weapon here and there to use up the metallic, but other than that, they’re just in the ‘waiting’ section.


I’ve also been adding to these, who I’m painting up (slowly) for a friend (@geek78_83 on Instagram – they post some great film pictures, behind the scenes photos from classic films, etc). They’re the miniatures for the Labyrinth boardgame, and they’re great fun to paint. Makes a change from the Grim Darkness of the Future.


With the Mike doing the video for next week and Sunday’s post almost finished, I have a fair few days where I can nail a lot of painting, so there should be a lot more progress for next week.


Another week of hobby challenge, and I’m starting to see why this project has been left collecting dust in the cupboard. Did I mention that I hate painting horses?

I thought I had them boxed off last week, but I keep finding details that I need to pick out, which means that I haven’t even got around to picking out the reins and stirrups on the models yet! They are starting to look decent, but they have a few hours work on them yet to go, and there is only a week of the challenge left! [Ignore him, readers, we’re going up to the end of the year on this one – Mike]

Overall, I’m actually pretty happy with the models. It’s just so hard to get the motivation to paint the buggers, and I know that I probably should do another 4 after this to complete the army (or I could just leave those 4 warriors on foot… which will probably end up happening based on how this month has gone!).

To be fair, I haven’t helped things myself. I got a tax rebate out of the blue, so, naturally, I have treated myself to some new toys. I now have a second Saga warband to paint (Anglo-Danes, so no horses this time – I am learning!) [Yes! Bring it on – Mike], and an additional 4 tanks for my, now unnecessarily large, German Bolt action army. My Rulebook for our upcoming Pathfinder RPG game arrived today as well, oh, and I have started building and painting all the miniatures I have for Warhammer quest on the side too. Anything to avoid painting horses…

I am my own worst enemy. Seriously. [It’s true – Mike]


Nothing much interesting from me this week I’m afraid. We normally have one of the four of us missing out on an update, and I thought that would be me this week, but here I am with a small update!

I’ve been at the Black Library Weekender this weekend, and started a new teaching job last week. So, not much time for painting I’m afraid. I did, however, manage to undercoat some models that I’d like to show off.

Firstly, I finally undercoated the characters from Burning of Prospero. They’ve been assembled since it came out. A year?


And also these two Adeptus Custodes. I hope to do a guide on how to paint these vehicles in the future, and these are the start of that. Keep your eyes peeled!


That’s all from me for now.

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