Hobby Guilt – The saga continues


We’ve been at this a few weeks now, and despite everything, I’ve still not stuck to the exact script of trying to clear out the backlog. This has been in no way helped by Necromunda being released. Since it’s release, I’ve primed all of the scenery with Games Workshop’s Stormvermin Fur spray and put it all together.


I also sprayed up the Goliaths with Halford’s Matt Black Primer. I was never a fan of the original Goliaths, as the top halves were hugely bulky, while the bottom halves were a whole lot thinner, so they looked too top heavy. The new gang are bulky all round, and so with my childhood being filled with the action films of Stallone and Arnie, I’ve decided to go with them, and built them up ready.


I sprayed the Escher sprues with Games Workshop’s Caliban Green, as their colours will be better based with that, but I’ve not had time to build them up so far.


Between Necromunda and Death Guard (three more finished this week), the only other thing I’ve done is painted up one Shadespire Orruk for a video on Wednesday, and start painting up the other three of them. The Orruks themselves are great miniatures, and like the rest of the Shadespire models, they’re really detailed so they’re a pleasure to paint.

My main hobby guilt is still the Death Guard. I went in heavy when they were released – my heart sank seeing more of them to be released soon – and now I’m mentally paying the price every time I look into the ‘to be painted’ section on my desk.


That’s all from me this week. Next!


Hi all, so, not much to report this week. It was all going so well… I layered some basecoats on some of my samurai, undercoated my Ninjas and Napoleonic French.

It was always going to be the case that I would be distracted, so I am slightly re-interpreting Hobby Guilt as finishing off any spares for armies I have left around too. Here a Russian Flamethrower team have crept in for my Bolt Action Soviets. Although we all know with undercoating it is best to have big batches anyway!


In other news I have taken my own advice and started painting in batches. A set of Imagawa Ashigaru (left, below) in the same clothes came along pretty quickly (although they still need the odd highlight and the Mons tidying up). I will nw do another batch the same with different uniforms (maybe some more of the crème I trialled on the Shimazu (right below).

With the samurai I am going to follow this logic too, painting a few with the same coloured cloth/armour and then differentiating between them just with the detail and clan badges. I also learned from reading the a Wargames illustrated article that Samurai often wore red or blue lacquered armour, so there is a chance to mix this up on the few guys standing forlornly at the back of the shot below.


Sorry about the shortness of this post… busy week.

Hopefully have some more detail and some finished minis to show next week!

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