Hobby Guilt – Christmas Edition

Well, it’s the Christmas Edition, but there’s nothing festive about this week’s painting. With work’s parties and day to day life, there’s not been too much in the way of painting other than finishing off the Stormcast Eternals for Wednesday’s post:


I’ve also been working on the Khorne Bloodbound a little, though not a lot, since last time, adding some Rakarth Flesh to a few pieces and starting on the metallics on them. Reconsidering the front chap’s skin colour, as it’s a pretty pale and hideous colour. Will see what he looks like after a few shades and decide from there. Can’t help thinking I used Ivory instead of Basic Skintone… Pretty certain I can have them finished in time to play Shadespire on the 27th… provided there’s some time for a little Christmas hobby!


In preparation for some Necromunda over the holidays, I’ve also been trying to get all of the scenery painted up. Other than the parts I’m painting for a video in January, I’ve sprayed everything with Citadel Leadbelcher, and applied the first layer of Citadel Nuln Oil (full video of what I’m doing can be found here).


That’s all from me this week. I completely underestimated how long it takes to wash everything in Nuln Oil, which is why I’ve still not finished it all!


Well, it was too good to last, wasn’t it? Me, actually making progress on a hobby project (not to mention one that had been shelved for years)? It was bound to come to an end.

Last week, I was away in the French  Alps snowboarding, and managed to cartwheel down most of the mountain, which ended up with me having a dislocated shoulder…

Now I wouldn’t have had much to show anyway, what with being away, but now I’m left with only one mobile arm for a month or two while my shoulder heals, I’m probably out of hobby challenges for the foreseeable… At least I got some stuff done, though!!


So, it’s nearly Christmas and everyone’s (hopefully) off to spend a bit of time relaxing. Not me, though! I have done considerably less hobby in the past few months than I am used to and this is the time of year to make up for it!

As you will have seen in the last five or six posts, I have issues with focussing on any one force for a length of time. Looking at the items I was completing for hobby guilt, they were definitely a mixed bag. So I took that proactive step of splitting the different systems of models into groups and choosing one. The other models were removed from my painting desk and put into boxes with any paints specific to them. I would swap them out as I completed each set.

I started with the smallest group, to get me a quick win and build some enthusiasm. Prior to this week I last finished a model in September, which is terrible!

So I started with my Bolt Action Russians. there are only two of them and with the work I had done already they only took about twenty minutes. Tick!


Once these were done, I turned to the latest addition to the table, the Napoleonics. One good things with these is that I have painted a great number of them already and I had models for reference. Another hour of disciplined painting and all the infantry were ready. The cannon  took a bit longer due to different colours and research (what colour would the carriages be in 1808, the year of our campaign?) as I hadn’t painted any artillery for this force yet.

But, with this done, I had completed two armies in less than two hours work! I now have no more Russians or French to paint!


Now, this led me on to the army I originally started this series to paint: the Samurai! Fortunately, morale was now high and I have learned some valuable lessons. Notably, break things down!

So, I focussed on getting the two groups of Ashigaru I had almost finished finalised with straps, ties and spot colours, and then based.

Then I tackled each of the Samurai individually. Two of these Tanagashima (red triangles) and Shimazu (white cross) were nearly finished over the past three weeks. Just some spot colours and updates to the armour after reading a bit more online about the under-armour and colourings used in the Sengoku Jidai period.

Imagawa was done virtually from scratch, as I had only painted his back banner white and face. But with friends coming home over the holidays, I am anxious to try out the Ronin rules. Therefore, the Imagawa retinue Ashigaru I had finished needed a leader! In all, he took about thirty minutes to bring up to this stage. I think there might still be  a few more details I could add (a pattern to his cloth, perhaps: he will be the general of this force after all) but for now he is more than gameable.



All in all not a bad few days. 24 models completed. Still, with the hobby guilt series coming to a close next weekend and another 24 left, I might not be putting my feet up too much over the next few days…


Have a good one!

That’s all for this week’s update. From us here at the Brush and Boltgun, we hope you all have a great Christmas!

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