Hobby Guilt and The Last Crusade


I started the Hobby Guilt season with a lot of optimism. It was, after all, my idea. I thought, ‘great, I can finally clear out some of these models that I’ve been working on before starting on our March to War 2018 competition in January’. As you’ve seen, fate and time transpired against me. I did manage to get some models finished, but not as many as I would like. With my birthday earlier in the month I was too busy with family to get anything done. Then with Christmas – this year I was hosting the family at mine – I had to put everything away, and have only just started getting it out.

I did manage to put together some Skeletons on Boxing Day so that we could play Shadespire the day after. (Which is a great game and well worth checking out by the way!)

I also managed to finish the top secret painting project I talked about in an earlier post:

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-31 at 12.51.44

My friend is a huge Aquaman fan. So, I thought, ‘what better gift than to hand paint an Aquaman model.’ The first one I bought had a massive miscast and whole in his head, and I didn’t think would be appreciated. I then had to wait a couple of months for a replacement to be sent from Knight Models in Spain. It was a bit of a rush, but I will be doing a future post on exactly how I painted him.

Another thing that stopped me from doing much this Christmas was this:


Yes, the ring came of my pudding can – I mean, the nozzle for my airbrush broke. I’m gutted, as I use my airbrush for almost everything, and I can’t currently afford a replacement. (If you would like to donate to the “Buy Mike a New Airbrush Fund” then please send us a message!)

So, that’s the end of the hobby guilt for me, and on to what will hopefully be a more successful “March to War” (More on that soon). Here’s hoping the other guys have something to show:


Two long months have passed since we started this arduous journey. To be fair, I have made it considerably more arduous by adding extra models in, different systems, getting side-tracked, and generally ignoring the objectives we set at the start of the task.

That said, it hasn’t actually been a disaster; of the 30 Samurai models I had to paint at the start of the task, 20 are now completed. I also bought more (ninjas!) which are now painted. I have three forces with which I can play games of Ronin: Imagawa Bushi (white and blue), Shimazu Bushi (mainly green) and Ninjas!

By luck rather than design, each of these forces comes in at around 150 points, too. A standard game of Ronin being 100-200 points.

I am quite proud of these, as it is something quite different to what I have painted before, and they seem to have turned out okay. I have managed to get them from a collection of undercoated and unassembled models into a force in two months. During the time of this challenge, counting in the additional Napoleonic troops I painted and the WW2 Russians (to see these, look at last week’s post here), I have painted 36 models in two months.

It is certainly not my best showing but I think that I have now ‘cracked’ painting Samurai and the following 10 models should come along fairly quickly, as they already have a few base colours on. All of my research is complete. I know what colours, Mons (crest badges) and armour they will have, so I imagine they will be finished early 2018.


As you know, I get distracted easily. I might even have finished the models above were it not for Christmas when I received one of the Bolt Action Tank War starter sets. 4/6 are now up and ready. I see another challenge coming up! That’s the joy of following the “Way of the Hobbyist”…



Dave has dislocated his shoulder and was unavailable for comment.

It’s the final Hobby Guilt post! It’s been a slog to get here, but I’ve managed to get a lot painted, and it’s mainly been the fear of the posts which has kept me going. Now the final week has contained Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and one day spent gaming, which didn’t leave too much time to get to the brushes. However, I did manage a fair bit, and also managed to put a few miniatures together.

For Necromunda, I managed to glue Gor Half-Horn together, and then muse over the irony of his name, since I lost one half of one horn. I also got a little further on the Necromunda scenery, applying a few layers before I start on the shades. The crates are part of next Wednesday’s video and I’ve managed to get them finished.


Next up were five Stormcast Eternals, who I managed to paint up while watching League of Gentlemen. They turned out well, as did the show.


The Khorne Bloodbound are coming along nicely, with most of the skin now finished. Theres a few more shades remaining on the skin, then it’s time to work on the rest of the miniature.IMG_8120

That’s all for the the Hobby Guilt from me, thanks for following our struggles, and here’s to the next hobby challenge in the new year.

All the very best for the New Year from us, here at the Brush and Boltgun. Thanks for your support.

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