As Mike posted last week, we’ve decided to have crack at Games Workshop Liverpool’s… Okay, okay, Warhammer Liverpool’s ‘March to War 2018’, which started on the first of January and finishes on the 31st March 2018, by which time we need to have a total of 2018 points built, and 2018 points painted.


After a short blow to the head, I decided to volunteer to post my March to War progress up first. It would have been a great plan, except the great god Nurgle has decided to strike me down with one of his more interesting afflictions. Therefore, there has only been slight progress since last week.

I have followed my own advice from the previous hobby challenges and focussed my efforts on one army that I have chosen.

With a big game on the horizon (as soon as 20th January- eek!), I have chosen my Night Lords to receive some much needed reinforcements.

I have started on my Night Lords tactical squad to get me painting. These have been based (with GW Sand), and then coated in Vallejo Black Primer using the airbrush, then Prussian Dark Blue, again with the airbrush.

They were then washed. The wash is 50/50 Drakenhof Nightshade and Druchii Violet, to give them just a hint of purple.


By the next time you see them, I hope to have highlighted them with Kantor Blue and get some detail on them, so that they can join our battle with a modicum of decency. I have a big aversion to using unpainted models, which is quite helpful in getting armies completed!

Once they get to the stage of the rest of the army, I will take a deep breath, assemble all the troops and get painting lightning bolts. But for now, the standard below will do in time for the 20th.


As I said at the start, I hope to use this challenge to also force me to finish this army in its entirety, although I will only count the points started from scratch towards the March to War points.

I have also been busy assembling Night Lords. I have managed to assemble two Apothecaries, who will be joining my outflanking Terror Squads, who tend to get a lot of attention from their enemies once they appear! Hopefully this will help them survive more than two turns.

I have also… almost… completely assembled my lascannon squad. They are usable and look ready to go. Unfortunately, they also have these strange cables (front of picture) which need heating up in warm water and bending from the backpack to the lascannon: so I can’t include them in my ‘points assembled’ tally so far. This is going to be something I do when I have a bit of time, as I want to make sure I do it properly and don’t break the resin.


Running Total

Points Built: 90 (2 Apothecaries)

Points Painted: 0

So, not great scores this week and nothing painted so far. However, on the plus side, I have managed to stay on target for a full week. There’s a complete lack of getting side-tracked and working on historical models so far!


No!! They aren’t meant to see that. Quick, turn it off…..!

See you in two weeks, when I hopefully have something more on the scoreboard!


While Adam is doing the points in house so as not to get side-tracked by a new army, I’m trying to clear out some of the forces I’ve planned for ages, and starting another new army, because clearly I’ve not got enough unfinished armies.

Last year I bought a Burning of Prospero box and the Dark Angel Veteran squad as the basis for a small Fallen force. I like the idea that the Dark Angels who sided with Luther – the heroes of the story (KIDDING!!!) – are now scattered to the winds, and while some are trying to redeem themselves, others are truly fallen to Chaos. Now their entry in the Heretic Astartes codex gives you plenty of sway in terms of weapon options, so the 35 of them could be pretty well tooled up, and with Cypher leading them, what more could they need? Well, turns out they could need about 1000 more points, so I started thinking of allies.

Now I didn’t want them allying with a Chaos force, as they’d only be able to really fight vs the Imperium, and alongside/vs Chaos. To make them a little more interesting, I decided to have a look at Chapters that have been declared traitors, but who were still, somewhat dubiously, fighting for the Imperium. Bring on the Relictors. Now these chaps have been tooling themselves up with Chaos artefacts to wield against the armies of Chaos, so they actually fit into the Chaos codex quite well, they can get chaos bonuses, while still claiming to be loyal – make of that what you will…

For the Relictors, I’ll be using some of the still unpainted miniatures from my Scythes of the Emperor force, but as they’re built already, I’ll need to build more stuff to reach the 2018 points, and that’s where my as yet unpainted/unbuilt primaris force come in.

Essentially this will give me three threads to work on:

The Fallen: Building and painting
Relictors: a few being built, all being painted
Primaris: Building.

So first off, the Fallen.

This is how they’ve started out:

The loadouts I’ve gone for so far are looking like this.

Squad 1: 5 Fallen, 4 meltaguns, one combi-melta – 157 points


Squad 2: 5 Fallen, 5 plasma pistols (4 squad, one champion) and one power sword. Painting has commenced with them, but as yet I’m not counting them as finished. – 109 points, 266 points total built, 0 points painted.


Squad 3: Tactical-ish squad. 10 Fallen, 4 plasma guns, 1 missile launcher, 1 combi-melta. 236 points, 502 points built total, 0 points painted total.


Squad 4: 5 Fallen, 1 power glove, 1 power maul (thunder hammer on model), 1 lightning claw, 2 power swords and 1 plasma pistol. 109 points, 611 points built total, 0 points painted total.


Exalted Champion: I wanted a boss for them who wasn’t Cypher, so used the Chaos Exalted Champion entry as a kind of leader. 70 points for the EC, 4 for the power sword, 7 for the plasma pistol. 81 points total, 692 points total build, 0 points total painted.


The miniatures themselves are kitted out kind of strangely, and people may look at them and say ‘that’s a stupid list’, but I’ll give it a crack, and if it has weaknesses I can bolster it later, for this I was working on options for small squads to pack a bit of punch, pop open cans, have a bit of a chance in close combat, etc. We’ll see how badly they’re slaughtered in the first game. Hah!


This is their start:


Not a lot done for them really, one five man Tartaros terminator squad. 5 terminators, 2 chainfists, 2 lightning claws, 1 power sword, 1 reaper autocannon, 1 power fist, 1 icon of vengeance. 252 points, 944 points built, 0 points painted.


Primaris Space Marines

How they started:

And so far we have a Primaris Chaplain, and the Blood Angels Lieutenant at 85 points and 74 points respectively. I’ve also managed an inceptor squad of three marines with assault bolters. 294 points, 1238 points total build, 0 points total paint.


Finally, there is the Redemptor Dread, which is a beast of a miniature. I saw one at Warhammerfest last year and had forgotten how big it is. At the moment it’s only part done, so counts for nought.


Well, for me, it’s been quite a productive ten days. My plan is to hammer out all the building in the next week or so, then spend the rest of the time painting.

Running Total

Points Built: 1238

Points Painted: 0

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