The March to War hobby engine rolls on… We’ve decided to split the posts up in to two parts so you get more variation. This week Dave and Mike show you how they’re getting on with their hobby challenges.


Assembled: 494 points*                                         Painted: 0 points (are you surprised?)

*See text below

We’re two weeks into our March to War so far, and after seeing the effort from Rob last week, I really feel like I need to pull my socks up!

For March to War, I am taking the chance to make headway on a large project, namely my long neglected Steel Legion Astra Militarum army. This was initially done up as half of doubles tournament army with Adam’s Ork force, and I had plans to expand it to 2000, or so points in the old edition. Sadly, other things got in the way, and I sold much of what I had waiting for assembly, instantly regretted it, and am now remaking the army for 8th edition.

The Steel Legion models are based on the German infantry of WW2, so I have decided (as I mentioned in the last post) to scratch build all of the vehicles to make them look more like their historical counterparts. However, I have learnt that this has to be done carefully, as when the army went to the tournament last time, both Adam and I were pulled up by the tournament organiser for using ‘historical kits’, and nearly had all of our points discounted (fortunately we were able to show some of the WIP photographs that showed the extent of the plasticard scratch-building, and we were let off)!

So the brief is: Make 40k tanks look like German WW2 tanks, but keep it so they are obviously made from 40k kits.

My initial 1000 points contains 6 tanks, 4x Leman Russ, and 2x Basilisks. I plan on making the Leman Russ into Panzer IVs, and the Basilisks into the Hummel self-propelled artillery, which, conveniently, used a Panzer IV chassis as a base (can you tell that I have a German army for Bolt action?) So, I really needed to get the building method down for that chassis. Initially I worked on 1 Russ to get the method sorted, and I have finished mass producing the wheels and track sections for the other tanks in my army:


However, this is time consuming and mind-numbing work (making wheels out of buttons and jewellery is not good for the mind!) so I also turned my attention to some other parts of the army, namely the infantry and Sentinels.

I feel a bit cheeky putting the 3 infantry squads and psykers down as ‘assembled’ points, as they are single piece metal models, but they required some tiding and trimming to get them into the bases, so I’m having the points! I also started work on some of the ‘flecktarn’ or pea-dot camo on a few of the troops, I’m aiming to replicate the camo pattern used by the German elite infantry units in the war and, as there is only going to be a few dozen troops in my 2000 point army, I don’t think this is too crazy (maybe just a little bit).

I had an idea for the Sentinels… What? You didn’t think I was just going to make them out of the box, did you? Traditionally, the Steel Legion Sentinel has a closed cockpit with a plasma cannon (for some reason, I never liked plasma cannons), but I wanted to place a Steel Legion driver in the cockpit. This instantly raised a problem, as Steel Legion are made of metal, and therefore a bugger to convert!

Undeterred, I took a jewellers saw to several Sergeant models (the only ones without lasguns moulded across their chest) and after much cursing, broken blades, and screams of frustration, I ended up with 3x Steel Legion torsos, which fit nicely with the arms and legs from the sentinel kit (after you cut the existing torso of that kit, of course!) Below are some photos of the result, I’m really happy with the change in look that even this minor conversion gives, and once they have some paint on them, I think they are going to look amazing! In terms of weapon options, I’m going to give them all missile launchers, but as I haven’t had time to add these yet, I’ve just put the base cost of the sentinels down in my running total:

Where do I go from here? Before the next update I hope to have the chassis for the tanks built and their track panels attached, and to have some more colours down on some of the infantry, maybe the Bentinels… we’ll see what I manage. Undoubtedly, I will get sidetracked by something. Current strong contenders are: Shadespire (yes, I am also on the Shadespire bandwagon!) painting the contents of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, and my character model for B&B’s upcoming Pathfinder campaign (but there may be more about that in the future…)


As usual I like to have a few things on the go at once. It makes things less taxing, especially when you have lots of edge highlighting to do. You can jump to some basecoating, airbrushing, or shading.

So far, the Dark Angels are coming along quite nicely. Although, I would always like to be further ahead than I am. The panic hasn’t quite set in yet. I have basecoated all the Green Wing guys (Masters, and Tactical Squad) in Caliban Green, and Shaded them with Nuln Oil. I’ve also started highlighting them (one down, many more to go!) with Warpstone Glow. I like a subtle highlight so probably won’t be going higher than this, except for maybe the characters:

I’ve also basecoated the Deathwing in Ushabti Bone, given them a gloss varnish (except for the Knights as I haven’t got round to it yet), and given one a shade of Seraphim Sepia:

I also undercoated the Librarian, but didn’t get a chance to give him a blue basecoat yet:

Dark Angel Librarian

While doing that, I was also sticking together three extra Ravenwing bikers from a combination of old bikes and some Ravenwing upgrade sprues I had, to go with the three bikers from Dark Vengeance. (I also gave the sergeant a power sword – why wouldn’t you?!) And also assembled the Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah:

And just as if that wasn’t enough. I’ve got up to the silver highlight on these two Adeptus Custodes. I’m so happy with how the gold looks. You can find a video here, and I will be doing a full guide on this soon. I’m so excited for their new Codex and models preorder this Saturday:

Adeptus Custodes Gold

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