Well so far it’s going pretty good, with a build total of 1238 at the end of the last update I was over halfway – in terms of building. Painting I didn’t have a sausage. This update I’ve managed to build everything I need for the 2018 points, and start on the painting.

Partially completed on the last update was the Redemptor Dreadnought. One thing I was impressed with was the size of the thing. It’s massive, and towers over everything on the shelf where it currently resides. The kit itself is good, easy to put together, and poseable. The picture below it hasn’t had it’s waist or arms glued into position yet, as I want to paint areas that will be almost hidden once glued, so it looks like it’s suffering with a bad back.

Totals: 233 points. 1471 points built, 0 points painted.


As well as building the Redemptor, I’ve also put together another squad of Fallen, this time with five flamers.

Totals: 115 points. 1586 points built, 0 points painted.img_8741.jpg

I’ve also used the remaining MkIII parts, and added some later Mk armour parts (mainly the backpacks and shoulder pads) to make five Fallen bolter marines, who I can add to any of the previous squads

Totals: 70 points. 1656 points built, 0 points painted.


Finally, what force of Fallen would be complete without the most mysterious and cunning of them all, Cypher.

110 points. 1766 points built, 0 points painted.


With the Relictors as the Fallen allies, I wanted to make them a little different in terms of their command squad. I’ve tried to create Loyalist Space Marine characters that fit  using the Chaos Space Marine codex. The Exalted Champion is sporting the demon sword from one of the Chaos chaps from the Dark Vengeance box. The chaplain, listed as a Dark Apostle, is made from parts of the command squad, using the chaos space marine skull helmet, with the crozius made from a power axe shaft with an aquilla (from the Dark Angel Veteran box) glued to the top. The Librarian – sorcerer – is made using the primaris Librarian head, and the body of the Champion from the command squad box. Finally, the Apothecary (Fabius Bile) is just built as the standard guy, but I’m digging through my bits box to make him a little more… interesting. My Chapter Master (Chaos Lord) is the standard Space Marine Captain miniature.

Totals: 458 points. 2224 points built, 0 points painted.


Not to be built, but to be painted, we had the Scythes of the Emperor bikers, who have been sitting on a shelf looking like this for about 2+ years.


Other than a few minor details that I’ll be bulk painting (bases, plasma gun, headlamp and iconography) these guys are finished, adding the first painted miniatures to the force, and to my March to War 2018 effort. Only 1955 points left to paint. The rest of the bikers shown below need highlighting, edge highlighting, detailing, then the same areas as above, which I’ll hopefully manage to finish by the end of the week.

Totals: 67 points. 2224 points built, 67 points painted.

In addition to the Relictors, I’ve also managed a little headway on the Fallen, with these guys almost finished, sadly not enough to count in the totals though.

That’s all for my update this week. By next week I’m hoping to have a lot more Fallen at least base coated, and more Relictors built and base coated. With the points for the infantry not too high, it’ll take a while to build up the 2018 points, so I’m going to dive right in and, now the characters are built, paint them as soon as possible.


Over the last two weeks, it looks like I have done very little. I have a desultory increase in build points, with only one extra squad completed and completely no painted points on the board at all!

That’s the simplistic view at least. On closer inspection, I have actually been a rather busy bee! The main reason for this is that we had a big game planned. 6000pts of Heresy era gaming, to be precise. This meant full steam ahead on the Night Lords.

I don’t want to spoil too much, because it’s being written up as a battle report to come out soon… but here’s a sneak peak. As you can see, the Night Lords are using the valid “Hide at the Back” stratagem.


The squad I built was the Legion Heavy Support squad armed with lascannon. These were very important for killing all the Land Raiders that tend to appear in these kind of games. I don’t mind telling you, they were not the easiest models to put together. Those cables that go from the backpack to the lascannon are <redacted-bad words>. If you are a veteran modeller and work with resin regularly I am sure you will have no problems, but if you are just starting out I would heartily recommend buying the other type.

Getting this right probably took me as long as painting the squad to the standard below, as you need to heat, bend, fit, check the resin cables a number of times to ensure they look realistic and do not snap whilst you bend them.

I managed to paint up my tactical squad and apothecaries to the stage where I wasn’t embarrassed to use them, too. Whilst none of them are completely finished, it shouldn’t take much more effort to get my painting points rocketing up!

There is still a bit of detail to do, especially on the apothecaries, a bit on the lascannon cabling and housing, as well as basing for everyone.

The marines are actually quite simple to paint, with a 50/50 Druchii Violet/Naggaroth Night wash, Kantor Blue highlight and Teclis Blue as the edge highlight.

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After the game, I felt a need to paint something that wasn’t blue, so started on some Orks. I have built a bit and painted a bit; but again nothing is complete enough to count. The four Boyz that are built need green-stuffing, and the ones that were built have only got as far as basecoats. Building MP-40s out of plasticard and Ork bitz is quite time consuming…



Total Built: 325 points

Total Painted: 0 points

I feel like splitting my time between just two forces will allow me to keep myself motivated, as well as progress fairly with them. Both are uniformed and now I have the basics f the colour schemes I will hopefully have something actually finished in time for our next show and tell.

As long as I don’t let anything else distract me…


And who planned in a big Age of Sigmar game next month?! (*Ahem* – Rob)