Video ‘How to: Paint Nurglings’

This week’s video is a quick and easy method of painting Nurglings to get them looking great on the tabletop. The video shows how to paint one row of Nurglings, but repeat the process on each row and they’ll look like the image above. A full list of paints is below the video here, and… More Video ‘How to: Paint Nurglings’

March to War 2018 – 5th Update

The fifth week of March to war, and the first week of February. With maybe around eight weeks to go the time is ticking away fast. So far, everything is looking reasonably rosy, and everyone’s motivation still appears to be high, even if we’re being distracted by other projects… Rob After Mike and Dave’s post… More March to War 2018 – 5th Update

How to: Paint Cities of Death Buildings

Many moons ago, when the Cities of Death expansion and terrain came out, I ended up with two sets of the Imperial Sector box. These were built and sprayed grey with a car spray paint and left for years. I was always focussed on painting armies and terrain took the back seat. This was back… More How to: Paint Cities of Death Buildings