March to War – 9th Update


Nine? there has been nine of these things? It’s hard to imagine we are now three quarters of the way through our challenge and there is still so much to do.

There has been no progress this week on my Night Lords or Age of Sigmar forces, but I have managed to get myself into something of an Orky frenzy.

I have completed the build and conversion work on a number of units, and have even made a start on painting. All my infantry are now well on their way to being painted, needing the odd bit of detaining and highlighting (besides the last two who have finished being built and are ready for spraying, see below).

Warhammer-40000-orksI have also sprayed half of my warbike unit, started painting them and finished the conversion work on the rest. I have even started to be vaguely sensible about things and progress my characters; Boss Zagstruk has had his shirtsleeves added and is on his way to being painted. He is worth about 15 Boyz, so it makes sense to target him as a quick win!

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Last but not least, my Blitza Bomber is ready for detailing. This has been basecoated, washed and highlighted top and bottom (Russ Grey/Fenris Grey at the bottom).

Whilst nothing comes in as completely painted yet, it bodes well for our next update.

I am feeling quietly confident that I can push these scores a bit higher, although I still feel that 2018 build and paint may be slightly out of reach.

If I can get these bits finished and target some more high value models (surely this means ‘finish the Night Lords you fool!’), who knows!

Current totals:

Painting: 187 points (no change to last week)

Assembly: 689 points


After Adam and mine’s last update, I feel like I haven’t done too much in terms of the number of miniatures, or points. Hopefully by our final update we’ll have plenty to show, and 2018 points built and painted for the hobby crusade which is the March to War 2018.

You might recognise the Relictors terminators below from the post last Sunday which you can find here. If not, it’s a start to finish guide on how to paint them. My aim was to keep their colours along the same lines as previous Relictors, but I added the armour details in a bronze colour, similar to Black Legion, or the Sons of Horus, a hint that their suspicious ways are taking a toll on them. To keep them tied in with the Fallen allies, the power sword and lightning claws are painted with the same red/yellow blends. They’re using chaos weaponry against chaos, but are they on the slow escalator to damnation?

248 points. 2224 points built, 1091 points painted.


Relictors-TerminatorsThe second Fallen squad consists of ten marines with four meltaguns, one combi-melta, four boltguns, and one missile launcher. I’ve been trying to give them individual heraldry and icons, and because of this they’ve taken a little longer than expected, also because I was also recording a video for their sergeant which will be up next week. Although there’s only the heraldry or iconography to go on their armour, I can’t class them as all done. So it means I’m down by 118 points which I’d hoped to get finished.

134 points. 2224 points built, 1225 points painted.

Not finished, but base-coated and washed, we have Cypher. What Fallen force would be complete without him? Despite Mike’s cries of ‘Traitor’ over Skype while we were all painting, I still have a thought that maybe, just maybe, he’s not entirely evil. [He is. Like really evil. – Mike] Maybe when he tried to dash into the Emperor’s chambers it was to present the sword that would miraculously heal him, as opposed to presenting him with the sword point first.

As with all the robes, it’s Rakarth Flesh washed with Seraphim Sepia, the silvery metallics are Leadbelcher for his armour and holstered pistol, and Vallejo Model Air Chrome for the plasma pistol. The Gold is Retributor Armour washed with Agrax Earthshade, and the red is Mephiston Red washed with Druchii Violet. A full post of start to finish Cypher will be coming to go with the rest of the Triumvirate of the Primarch.


I’ve watched a bit more TV than usual, and while the second series of Fargo was playing out, I’ve been putting together the Wave 2 Shadows of Brimstone miniatures which arrived a month or two ago. They’d been delayed for several years, and when they arrived, they stayed in the box for another month or two.

If you’ve not played Shadows of Brimstone, it’s a great game – Wild West Horror/Madness. Great fun and great miniatures, so expect some posts about them in the future. The half-finished Fallen Sergeant is in the foreground for scale.


With that, it’s the end of this week’s March to War 2018 update.

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