March to War 2018 – 11th Update

It’s the penultimate March to War post. Possibly. As it stands it’s the final one for just Adam and I, after which there could be one more from Mike and Dave, and then a final post from all of us. It’s bringing about feelings of horror, excitement and dread.


This week I was feeling quite happy until I worked out the points for my remaining troops, and found out I’ve either miscounted along the way, or I’m 131 points short. I’m hoping that it’s a miscalculation. Panic over, I’m only shy by 17 if I paint up the rest of the models in this post, so will have to rush through another stand of Nurglings or three plaguebearers.

First up this week, I finished off the remaining six Fallen from update 9. They were nearly done, but the bell tolled before I got a chance to fully finish them. Not anymore, they can join their hereti-ahem- Astartes brethren.

118 points. 2224 points built, 1343 points painted.Fallen-Squad-40k


Next up was the ten man plasmagun squad. Kitted out with a variety of plasmaguns from throughout the last millennia, they’re ready to smite their foes with super-hot plasma. The sergeant is wearing the latest in robes, and clutching a combi-melta.

211 points. 2224 points built, 1554 points painted.

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Finally for this week, we have Cypher – Lord of the Fallen. I’ve wanted to paint him up since I got the Triumvirate of the Primarch last year, and have finally completed him. I’m pleased with the results, and along with the Exalted Champion, they’ll lead the Fallen into whatever mischief he deems necessary. There’s some great details in this miniature, and it’s really good to paint up.

110 points. 2224 points built, 1664 points painted.Cypher-Lord-Of-The-Fallen


The final parts are below, which involve my Fabius Bile proxy – no, honestly, it’s just a mechanical harness that helps with surgery, it’s nothing to do with daemons. He’s just doing the best he can with the tools at hand. Also, we have another Fallen five-man close combat squad, and a five-man flamer squad, all of which will take me up to 2001 points, 17 points shy of the required total. I think a fourth base of Nurglings will be coming out to play by the end of March…Relictors-fabius-bile-proxy

With the completion of Cypher, it means I’ve finally finished the Triumvirate of the Primarch, and I’m posting a picture of that below for posterity. When I picked up the box last year, we painted up Guilliman for a hobby challenge – results found here – and since then there’s been a post on Voldus – here – and on Sunday, there’ll be one for Cypher too. Finally they’re complete.



There’s plenty to go before the end of the month, with eleven miniatures and a base of Nurglings to go to take me to the 2018 points needed.

Over to Adam!


Cheers, Rob, and cheers to everyone who’s been through this challenge with us. It’s had highs (the week I painted 23 models) and a few lows (the multiple weeks I painted no models).

We are nearly there, but there is still a lot to do. This was a good week, most of the conversion work on the Orks is done and there has been a decent amount of painting time. I have finished my bikes, some of which were started from undercoat and some of which were half done:



As well as Zagstruk and the last of the Infantry unit (the 5 models that just needed basing last week not pictured). I am very much looking forward to sculpting no more forage caps or officers hats.

My big project, the Blitza-Bomber, is also well on its way and just needs some details picking out and the canopies adding.Ork-Blitza-Bomma

Finally, a great development: I had a free afternoon and decided to have a go at the Kommandos I bought last year. They weren’t on my to do list as they don’t feature in any of the armies I have written up. However, they do look like lovely models.

After a chat with Dave, who kindly picked out the colours I needed to do World War Two German Autumn Peadot Camo (me being colour blind, and Dave being both a good friend and a lover of overly complicated paint schemes), I had a go at it.

I painted Snikrot up the same. These models are hardly converted besides a hat on the Nob and longer shirt sleeves on all of the Boyz and Snikrot, which really helped with the speed. There might be something in this ‘out the box’ lark if I want to finish armies in the future.

I am rather pleased with the result of the paint scheme, even if I can’t tell the difference between the orange patches and green dots!


Even though I have painted these extra models, I am not going to complete the points that I was set for the March to War (2018 points). I was a bit down about this earlier in the week. I needed a pick me up, so I got all the Orks I have finished since the start of the March to War together, to see that I have actually achieved quite a bit on this army (not to mention my Night Lords, who may well be the focus of my roundup post!).


My totals have improved quite considerably with the Bikes, Kommandos and Characters. Maybe the key to this challenge was painting high value miniatures. Who knew! Haha.

Current totals:

Painting: 718 points (does not include bomber- hopefully next week!)

Assembly: 944 points

For the next few weeks I will mostly be painting lightning onto Night Lords and cackling madly. See you on the other side!!

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