Well, we’ve been hammering out hobby for over a year now, and the side effect of that is that we use a lot of storage. We’ve been working on a website move for a few weeks to make sure that the new Brush and Boltgun is as good as possible.

While we get the new site set up and polished, we’re going to be revisiting some of our older posts and giving them a refresher for the new site. We appreciate that a lot of you have joined us in the recent months and won’t have seem some of our earlier posts. It makes sense to bring them back and give them a bit of a polish to make sure they’re up to the standard we expect.

While we transition to the new site we’ll be doing a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) post and publishing the new versions on the new site on a Thursday. Once we’ve done all those, then it’ll be business as usual.

The new – under construction – site is here (http://brushandboltgun.a2hosted.com/) and we’ll be posting there from now on, until the domain has transferred over and we’ll be brushandboltgun.com again.

We hope you’ll stick with us while we adjust to the new site. In a few weeks we’ll have transferred everything over fully, and got it set up and tidied.

Thanks for your ongoing support, it’s magnificent!

Feel free to comment below and give us some suggestions. If there are any old posts that you want to see first, then let us know.

And don’t forget that we’re still on all your social media:

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Brush and Boltgun.