Painting basics – Tempered Metal effect

There are a few quick and easy methods you can use on a miniature to make it stand out, even if the rest of the painting is nothing special.

I painted all the breachers and standard troops with a basic paint job as there are a lot of them, and I’d rather spend the limited painting time I have making the character models stand out. However, I decided to add a little detail to the meltaguns to give the squad something a little different – painting the end of the meltaguns like they had been tempered.

Tempered metal does something awesome, it becomes amazingly colourful. The bar below shows some of the colours it goes, and I try to get a basic version of this:

Using the pictures from the How to: Paint Fallen post, you can see how the colours build up until they’re very much like the tempered metal above.  The miniature is painted with Vallejo Model Air Chrome, then washed with Citadel Nuln Oil. Once dry you can begin the effect. Each colour is added one at a time and overlaps the previous colour a little so they blend in nicely.

The colours were applied using the shades below:

Agrax Earthshade>Seraphim Sepia>Casandora Yellow>Fuegan Orange>Carroburg Crimson>Druchii Violet>Drakenhof Nightshade>Nuln Oil.

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The pictures below show the melta guns from some of my Sons of Horus breachers, which have been painted using the same technique.

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