Drach’nyen – Abaddon the Despoiler’s Demon Sword

About four or five years ago, I was collecting a small force of Red Corsairs because I really liked the fluff, and Huron Blackheart was a complete fiend. Eventually I grew a little weary of the colours – I’d painted a lot of red in the past, and I didn’t feel that the Huron miniature lived up to his reputation – this imposing brute of a Chapter Master was shorter and more dainty than most of his men. I’d had Abaddon for years, but had never finished painting him as he was equally as unimposing as Huron. I decided that the Corsairs were being shelved, and the Black Legion would the Chaos force I was going to work on – Okay, okay, so the Death Guard currently hold that mantle, but the Black Legion are a WIP.

Around October 2016 I started building my own Abaddon, and bought the Chaos Terminator Lord miniature from Games Workshop as the basis for him. I have two of them already, one painted up as a Red Corsair Terminator Captain, one sprayed black to be turned into a Black Legion Sorcerer. With the new one, I built a miniature as close to Abaddon as I could, and was happy that he looked intimidating, especially looming atop the stone, eight-pointed star of chaos – or part of it at least.

As I didn’t have the metal Drach’nyen demon sword, I decided to use one of the huge Grey Knight two-handed swords and freehand some demons onto them.

The first step? Undercoat it with Citadel Abaddon Black.Drach’nyen


Next, I watered down some Citadel Xereus Purple and roughly painted on some faces. If I missed out an eye, or smudged it, I corrected it with a tiny speck of Abaddon Black and carried on.

With this layer, I roughly planned out the details of each face, highlighting eyes/eye sockets, horns, teeth, etc, to start the detail off.

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