How to: Paint Dark Angels Tactical Squad (Silver & Weapons)

Hello and welcome to another Dark Angels post here on the Brush and Boltgun. This post is a continuation of the how to guide on painting Dark Angels, and you can find the first part of the post by clicking here.

In this post I’m going to look at painting the silver, which you can use for the weapons, backpacks, and armour ribbing. I will also show you how I paint the weapon casings.

The first stage for the silver is to basecoat it all in Citadel Leadbelcher. Be careful here as you don’t want the silver to get onto the green armour you have already painted. You can see what it looks like here:

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

(For the plasma guns, I left the heatsink on top as I’m going to paint that blue later, but if you want it to be metal you should paint this with Leadbelcher too)

The next stage is to shade the silver with Citadel Nuln Oil. I gave the silver an overall coat of this to dull down some of the sheen. I then went back over the silver with another lay of Leadbelcher as a slight highlight:

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

After that I used Citadel Runefang Steel to give the silver an edge highlight. This is to represent the light catching the silver, so you may want to think about where your light is coming from as it will not reflect off all surfaces:

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

As you may have noticed I had already given all the weapon casings a basecoat of Citadel Abaddon Black. Now, I tidied up that coat and made sure that it had good coverage:

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

I then gave all the black a simple highlight of Citadel Eshin Grey. Some people might use other greys here, but I really like Eshin Grey for a subtle highlight on black, as black will not reflect much light. As you can see here, it works quite nicely:

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

So, that’s how I paint the silver on the models, and all the weapon’s casings. Of course, you can increase the hightlight on the black if you want to, but I prefer to leave it there.

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