Death Guard Land Raider project – The Disco Tank, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Death Guard Land Raider project. If you’ve not seen part one, you can see that here.

The main ‘plan’ now was to get the interior painted up. The seats were painted with Vallejo Russian Uniform WW2, while the engine was painted up with Citadel’s Skullcrusher Brass and Leadbelcher, and Vallejo’s Model Air Rust.

Next came the cream for the inside, I used this by mixing Vallejo White (Any pure white will do it) with Citadel Ushabti Bone. I watered this down slightly, not to thin it, but because the undercoat appeared to be super absorbent. I can’t say why, it looks slightly textured, like when the paint has sprayed in a funky way, but watering the mix down slightly helped the paint spread.

Cream finished, it was onto a little wear and tear. for this I sponged on some Vallejo Flat earth, then picked out the larger areas of brown with Citadel Fulgurite Copper. This gives the look of the paint being worn/chipped away, revealing slightly corroded metal beneath.

The nurglings I painted using the techniques I used in the video here, and the post here. The techniques for the bottles can be seen here (the post is these actual bottles), or a video of how to paint other bottles can be found here.

The nurgling’s vomit was painted with a base of Citadel Averland Sunset, washed with Citadel Fuegan Orange shade, then the lumps picked out with an Averland Sunset/White mix.

The patrons receive a lick of paint

While I was painting up the inside of the hull, I was also working on the right side of it. Below you can see the end results. There were three sockets on the inner hull, two side by side and one on it’s own. I managed to find a nurgling dangling from a string of intestines and plugged one socket with that, while the two sockets together were plugged with on nurgling hanging from a loop of intestine. Conveniently, the loop was almost the perfect fit, and it only took minor bending to hold it in place.

I finished off the crew compartment with splatters of Blood for the Blood God, some patches of rust (Typhus Corrosion with Ryza Rust), and picking out a few details, such as the monitors, keypads, etc. Once done, I added the nurglings and and associated gubbins. This included a crate of beers (can be seen behind the Nurgling with the bottle of blue liquid), this was from TT Combat’s Back Alley Accessories set, and the bottles themselves were from Black Cat Bases. If you’re looking to add some life to your scenery, I recommend both as they sell an amazing amount of stuff.

With the Nurglings finished and in place, it was time to seal them in. I was hoping to just attach the right part of the hull so that I could gain access to the batteries if they need changing. Sadly this wasn’t possible, so I resorted to just gluing it in place. If the batteries die/leak, I’ll probably have to saw it open! Bravo!

Interior complete, it’s time to work on the exterior which takes longer, and is less fun. Booo!

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