Death Guard Land Raider project – The Disco Tank, part 3

If you’ve just arrived with this Land Raider, then you’ve missed parts one and two, which detail how I’ve decorated the inside of the vehicle.

With the rough base coats done for all of the tank bar the smaller detailed areas, it was time to start on the washes. Below you can see some parts where I’d tested washes out on the hull and in some of the joins as I was building it. The white and Vallejo Russian Uniform WW2 were both shaded with Citadel Seraphim Sepia, while the metalics were washed with Citadel Nuln Oil.


Below you can see the washes are complete. On the hull of the tank you can see that I only applied the wash around edges or details, leaving the smooth surface areas clear of Sepia. I also decided to try the new Citadel Technical paint, Hexwraith Flame, on the rotting heads hanging from the banner over the left hand doors. I tried the same colour over one of the Plaguebearer faces that was looming out of the hull, but the look wasn’t too good, so I repainted it white and applied Seraphim Sepia to it.

Next I applied the surface colours to the hull, leaving some of the Sepia Shade around the edges and in the corners. I mixed a little Citadel Ushabti Bone with some White, and then added a little water to thin it. The thinning, again, was due to the peculiar undercoat that sucks the moisture from any paint applied to it. The thinner mix allowed the shades to show through below, so I needed to apply a couple of layers. This is the step where, if you were painting a regular chapter, you’d breath a sigh of relief because it’s nearly all over and all that is left is the highlights. Not with this though, we’ve now got to start the long, long process of weathering.

When I came to weather the hull, I realised that the sections painted with watered down Russian Uniform were a little streaky, so before I ruined them with weathering I gave them another coat to get rid of the streaks. Once the streaks were gone I grabbed a piece of the blister-pack sponge, and started to sponge on Vallejo Flat Earth to show wear and tear, and the start of the corrosion.

This is using the exact technique used in the Battle Damage post from a while back but using the brown instead of the black, which looks better on the lighter cream colour.

On the front and the rear of the vehicle I used the sponge to drag the paint left to right on the hull – though I held the vehicle nose up and dragged the sponge downwards lifting it up at the end of the ‘drag’ so that the lines thinned, to make it appear that it had been scraped along something.

On the areas around the doors I tried to think about where the paint would likely be scraped away by troops lumbering out of the front, or as it crashes through obstacles, buildings, people, etc.

Similar to the front of the Land Raider, I used the sponge to add some scrapes, as well as general paint chipping and damage in areas I thought would be regularly hit/chipped.

As I was running our of time, this is as far as I got with the next stage of weathering. I started to use Citadel Fulgurite Copper to the scrapes, to give the metal under the paint a dirt look which we’ll mess up with washes in the next post.


Sadly, that’s all for now, but thanks for reading this far.

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