The Hobby Guilt 2018 – Part 1

Welcome to another annual edition of Hobby Guilt, where we’ve realised that we really do have too many miniatures that need painting. With Christmas imminent, and we hope the arrival of many more models, we thought it would be best to finish off some of the things we already have.

So let’s see what we have in store for you:


I’ve got so much to paint! So naturally, I’ve been assembling more models.

Every now and then I feel a general impeding sense of doom when I think about how much I have to paint. In fact I’ve pretty much spent this year trying to get models finished off before starting on new ones, but then there have been some fantastic releases this year.

So this is what I’m planning to make some headway on by the end of this year.

In December last year, for my birthday, I got Necromunda. Up until last month I hadn’t put any of it together except for a couple of barricades. We decided that we would do a Necromunda campaign (let’s see how that goes) and I decided to do Escher. So, here is my gang as they are currently. I will have to finish assembling them before I can paint them.

Another thing I wanted to do was to make sure I had a playable force for each of my armies painted. I thought the best way to do that would be to work out a patrol detachment and get that painted. So you will see my progress with that, and some of the following pictures are elements of that.

When the new edition of 40k came out, three troops choices became the norm for a battalion detachment so I bought another tactical squad for my Flesh Tearers and I’ve been painting them up. Time to finish them, and thankfully they’re already further along than in this picture! I may even get around to finishing that dreadnought.

Kill Team came out a few months ago, and here at B&B we decided that we would each build a kill team (watch this space!). I thought, what better kill team than the original kill team itself? The Deathwatch! Here is my Deathwatch Kill Team:





That’s all from me for now! Wish me luck.


2018 has been a pretty good year for hobby so far. I have finished a few projects so far, two Saga bands (nearly) Poles and Carolingians, and got my Night Lords into a useable state after two years of neglect. However, this has come at the expense of some others which have been allowed to fall by the wayside. Fortunately, it’s Hobby Guilt time of year again. Last year, I used this time to complete my Samurai gangs for Ronin (which we still haven’t played) and attempt to finish my Pirates from Blood and Plunder, which had arrived earlier that year (and still haven’t finished).

For this reason, the first item on my Hobby Guilt agenda is those same pirates. No progress this year at all, and not only that, a second Kickstarter has dropped and I now have loads more!

These need finishing, so are the first item on the agenda. If there is time, I would like to start on the new Kickstarter troops that arrived too, but these have to take a back seat to my other projects. That is because the above armies can be played without the extra troops, whereas the other projects (below) will generate useable forces.

The second project that needs finishing is my Flames of War US force. This was bought about the same time as my Poles, which I then prioritized as we were playing a lot of Saga at that point.

I have got quite a few of the vehicles well on their way to completion: basecoat, wash and re-highlighted. It’s just time to go back and add details and decals. The infantry, on the other hand are not even completely built yet. I have assembled one platoon of infantry but need another set of bazooka troops and heavy weapons/command sections.

Finally, I also have a Shadespire gang that Dave kindly converted for me last year. He knows my apathy towards Stormcast and the new Age of Sigmar in general, so converted this gang into Empire Knights so that I would get into Shadespire! It is actually a really good game, and deserves a painted force. At only three models, I can’t see it taking too long.

Finally, I have an Indian warband for Dead Man’s Hand. I bought these two years ago (when we last played DMH) alongside a US Cavalry band. The cavalry got painted up in short order but the other gang was started and never finished. Probably down to us not playing regularly. The other week, however, we had a game and I have remembered how cool this game is. So they are back on the painting table!


Hopefully I am not trying to bite off more than I can chew here, but with seven weeks to go until Christmas and the arrival of more toys and distractions, I hope to finish some of what I started. Wish me luck!



Well, this year I thought I’d done reasonably well. I’ve managed to realise that I probably didn’t really need nine Warhammer 40k armies, especially when the bulk of them were only undercoated or base coated. So, to cut down the Hobby Guilt, I sold my Space Wolves (then bought some Primaris to make a Space Wolf kill team…) My red Corsairs/Black Legion, and my Grey Knights, who you may remember I intended to sort out for Hobby Guilt last year. I posted about them, then never touched them.

I got rid of three armies, and took up three new games:

Saga (one army),
Bolt Action (one army) and,
thanks to a Kickstarter I jumped in on with Adam and Dave last year. I also have Carnevale, and Blood and Plunder.

It’s “fine” though, they’re a lot smaller armies (currently) than for 40k.

Hobby Guilt 1: Orks

As I’m on a bit of an Ork kick at the moment, I thought I’d dig out the entire Ork army and see what needs doing. It’s the army I started collecting when I resumed 40k in 2009.  This is what the army looks like.

The Mighty Deff Skullz, featuring vehicles whizzed from all the other clans. – Game mat by

One thing is plain to see – There’s a lot less painted miniatures than there are undercoated or sprayed their main colour. I was gutted when I unboxed them earlier, because I thought I’d done more. So, this is the start of my Hobby Guilt.

Many of the miniatures that are painted aren’t actually based, so for these ones I may up them to 32mm. For the ones that are based they’ll be remaining on 25mm. My aim for Hobby Guilt 2018 is to paint up the following:

If I can make a dent in these I’ll be happy. I have three boxed metal Killer Kans too, but I’m still in two minds whether to keep or sell them. As it stands, these are the Orks that I still need to paint up:

With any luck there’ll be a lot less left at the end!

Hobby Guilt 2: Anglo Danes

I’ve been playing Saga for about six months or so, and absolutely love it. I’ve loved it enough that I painted up almost the entire army over a few weeks. That is of course, except for the two warlords, and to do the final colours on a twelve man squad of levy. Once done, the whole army is based and finished. Yes, you read that right – FINISHED!! I think this is maybe why I haven’t gotten round to them, no army can ever be finished…

Anglo-Dane Warlords waiting patiently for their go under the brush.

This will be a quick end to guilt if I’m honest, as I could probably box them off in a weekend!

Hobby Guilt 3: US Airborne

These are a fairly late addition to hobbying for 2018 so although I’m keen to paint them up, the older stuff takes priority. The only thing I’ve done with them is build them, spray them caliban green, and base coat a test model.

I’m actually really looking forward to painting the Airborne, but feel I should paint the Orks first. As we know from last year though, what is said here and what happens is definitely going to be two different things.

With a lot of these miniatures, I’ll be doing some tutorials and probably videos on how I’ve done them. There’s some great miniatures in there (MEGANOBZ!) and I’m keen to get them finished and looking fab. I’ve not mentioned Death Guard so far, because as I type, a lot of them are glaring at me from about two feet away because I’ve not touched them for a while.

There will be more tutorials coming for the Death Guard in the future though.

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