Hobby Guilt Part 2

It’s the second post for Hobby Guilt to show the progress we’ve made since the last time. This week it’s Rob and Mike showing off what they’ve been up to.


I started Hobby Guilt with US Airborne, Saga Anglo-Danes, and Orks, and as predicted, moved onto other things. These other things include Dead Man’s Hand scenery, and a new gang – Lawmen. I have continued with my work on the Orks, but clearly in a slightly distracted manner. I decided to work on the crew for my Stompa, and a five Ork squad of Meganobz, and added the Lawmen into the mix too:

The Meganob has had the most progress, as I’m working on him for a tutorial over on our youtube channel. The rest, sadly, are somewhat less painted.

What I have been working on though, is scenery. For Dead Man’s Hand, not any of the games mentioned in part 1.


If you’ve read the past few posts, you’ll have seen the one about the Old West scenery from TT Combat. I’ve made a lot of that over the past two weeks, including:

The kits are great, easy to put together and will look really nice when painted up. The Station was too big for the light box, so I had to take the picture on my desk. I’ve also painted a few smaller pieces of scatter terrain – some cacti and water troughs:

Finally, there’s also been a fair bit of time spent sorting through scatter terrain and basing it. Over the years – I’m sure it’s the same for everyone – I’ve been picking up bits to use and storing them. Now seemed like a good time to pick them out and get some use from them.

The barrels on the bases below are from Mantic Games’s Dungeon Saga, while the stacks of market goods are from Ristul’s Market. Both sets compliment each other as scatter terrain, and will be used for Dead Man’s Hand and Frostgrave. If you’ve not visited Ristul’s before, have a look, they sell some great pieces for terrain building and customising.


As I said last week, I’m trying to get some models painted up so that I have a painted legal battle-forged army for each of my factions. You mean have already seen my painted Flesh Tearers army in other posts, but I originally only had two tactical squads for it. With the introduction of Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition, a battalion detachment needs three troops choices minimum, so I decided to get another tactical squad. This week I managed to get all the black painted. So from here it will be a case of highlighting that, and then painting all the details. I often find that this stage is the quicker part, and I hope they’ll come together quite nicely now.

I’ve really got into Age of Sigmar recently. I’m not sure whether it’s the awesome models, or that I’m starting to get a better sense of the lore. Either way, I’m enjoying it. I’ve had a bunch of unpainted Stormcast Eternals since Age of Sigmar first edition came out. Recently I painted Steelheart’s Champions (I’ll be posting a guide on these soon), so I’m painting a few more Liberators to make them a legal squad. These are all part of a 1,000 point patrol force I want to do, with this Knight-Incantor as my general, because it’s one of my favourite models.

Another army I wanted to get a 1,000 points patrol list painted for was my Fyreslayers. I suppose I can also use them as allies for the Stormcast Eternal and having 2,000 points painted. These models are quite daunting to paint at first, as there is a lot of flesh, gold and silver, but once you get started they’re actually quite fun to paint. As you can see, I’m filling in the orange hair at the moment, and it’s the first stage that makes you feel like the model is sort of painted. I will then do all the shades and then highlights in that order. It’s slightly different to normal, but a lot of the colours can share shades.

The endless spells for Age of Sigmar have been sitting around since release. So I thought I would assemble and paint one at a time alongside other things. Starting with the Purple sun of Shyish! This needed a little filling with liquid green stuff, but it should be good now. 

Recently I’ve been posted some guides on painting Dark Angels Tactical Squads. So, I decided to fix this old squad with some new parts and to repaint them to fit my new standard. This should hopefully mean just touching up old bits of the models and getting them to match.

That’s all for this week. Check back soon for what Dave and Adam are up to.

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